Sunday, June 15, 2008

Half dolls

I recently picked up this lovely lady, I must say...she is made of modern day resin and has a manufacturing tag on the cushion, she is not worth alot but cute none the less.

As she appears upon her tuffet, she looks as though she is full bodied, not so.....her criss-cross-applesauce legs are added to the cushion, she is a perfect example of a half doll.

Half dolls are highly sought after in today's antique market, they were produced from 1900 to 1920, and mostly made in Germany or Japan. Some collections included grooming items, or dresser sets for the lady of the house. These are a rare find including a powder box, pill box, and attractive par fum bottles, generally one item is damaged or missing. Half dolls were also Incorporated into tops of whisk brooms and tea cozies. Mostly wanted as a pincushion as mine demostrates.

The valve of a good half doll depends on alot of variations, some people believe half dolls are more of a figurine as all of the antique gals are comprised of porceline or fine china. They also are upright without a stand. Being made from the waist up.... and having no lower half make them quite misunderstood as a nick nack.

The most predominant factor in determining the worth of a half doll is whether the arms are in or out. Dolls with arms in, that is, frozen to the torso, are lesser in value because they require a two part mold. Dolls with arms out have a complexity of molds requiring three or more. Other details add to the price guide of the doll such as holding a small animal, flowers or flower baskets, and or serving a pot of hot chocolate in one hand and a mug in another. Size can add to the cost of a half doll , they range from 2'' to 6''.

A free pattern of a half doll can be found at She has the pattern with a specific half doll but any doll will do. Also is convertible to a trinket box.

I thought maybe when I bought my gal I would take her apart but for now she is comfortable on top my computer.

I enjoy the clapping audience. C&G Design


Skeeter said...

Half dolls, interesting...

Dawn said...

Good morning Skeeter.

Jean said...

I never heard of a half doll but sounds very interesting.

Are you getting rain? WE ARE!!! Finally. It is a good rain. Hope we get 4 inches, LOL.

tina said...

Yes, she looks very comfortable. I was in the garden today and blogs completely slipped my mind. Sorry so late to visit. We finally got the pool and spa done. I can honestly say the hardest part for me was removing the old liner (which was still good). Of course, Mr. Fix-it did all the rest. lol But I think he agreed with me. What a job! Never heard of half dolls either. But I can see the point.

Dawn said...

I'm trying to get ahead on the post, will probably do one on goats rue for you, it's in full bloom and real pretty. Babe made the all stars tonight. Glad you got the pool done, what a chore! Yes, rain today and alot last night. Glad it came 'xcept I fertilized the flowerboxes yesterday. Figures. I'm surprise you guys haven't heard of half dolls and wish I had one to show you. They are really beautiful. $ upwards to 2,000$ for a good one.