Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poems and sayings

Truly a sad day for the grade school in my area, we have a long time teacher leaving, a "Miss" that has devoted her time to becoming a role model to young minds and molding the future. The leaving has moved Madam Pompadour to construct a farewell card. She has comprised this poem:

The Miss Poem

Roses are red;

violet are blue;

and so are you.

Candy is nice;

I will give you advice;

you are beautiful, every one's affected;

you could never be rejected.

You wrote (friend) a note, I think that's fine;

nobodies holiday cards are better than mine.

When you are sad, I don't like you then;

but your likable now and again.

You are the best;

so much better than the rest.

Her drawing on the inside of the card. "Miss" has taught at our school for 10 years, she is a prior teacher of my daughters and molded my son six years ago. Her main goal is to become principal and for eight of her ten years, she held the title of lead teacher. Miss got her masters this winter and has accepted a position as literacy teacher, well on her way.

Best wishes. C&G Design.


tina said...

Very nice poem to a teacher; which are so important to us all.

Dawn said...

She does well with her poems. I am working on a disasterous doll, I'll post in parts....blogging helps me with projects because I have to have something to write about! Don't know if there is any hope for this doll tho. Sad shape.

Skeeter said...

Sweet poem...

Dawn said...

Thank-you Skeeter, she's a dreamer

Maryellen said...

Welcome to Art doll makers. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I loved your wedding pictures.

Dawn said...

Thank you Maryellen, I just got my site acceptance and I'm looking forward to being there!

Jean said...

Oh dear, sorry your school is losing a good teacher as they are an important part of helping to mold our greatest commidities. I am sure she will love the card Madam made and how sweet of her to do that!!

I bet the doll looks better than you think.

A new commentor. Welcome maryellen!!!

Dawn said...

I don't know Mom, she is in rough shape and you'll see in a upcoming post, kinda feel like a miracle worker. Maryellen is a stay at home mom of 2, works in fibers. Off to make my rounds. Your on late....

Jean said...

Ya I checked out Maryellen's blog but she is too talented for my blood, well you are also but you are my daughter! I did find some of her posts interesting but yarn of any type is not what floats my boat. I still have an afgan that I never finished from 30 years ago, popcorn stitch in a burnt orange. Very pretty but only, maybe a quarter of it got done!
But I do like to wear the gorgeous stuff that can be made out of yarn. Now I have to make my nightly rounds. LOL