Friday, June 20, 2008

Teacher's Apple

It has been a tradition in our family to give each child's teacher a project apple at the end of the year. It has only gone through Elementary school because Middle school and High school has far too many teachers.

Here's a list of things you'll need:

1. A one liter plastic soda bottle with the lid.

2. Spray paint, small amount of bottled brown, brush

3. Silk flower leaves

4. Items for the content

5. Scissors

6. Florist wire

7. 1'' x 14'' piece of lightweight cardboard

8. Tape, masking works best but any will do

9. Stapler

Basically what you want to do is end up with a dish that looks like a apple. You start by washing the soda bottle and removing the label. I cut the bottle 1 '' from each noticeable ridge that outlines the label, both top and bottom. Your bottle should look like this:

The next step is critical, do not skip this step! One year I thought I could do the apple a quick way by skipping this step, we were late in getting this project going AND the lid does fit snugly inside the bottom. But, if your child is transporting in a backpack, you'll need the next step, otherwise the lid gets pushed in or it pops out, spilling its content in the backpack for all to see. Wrap the piece of cardboard around the top of the lower half, raise the cardboard 1/2'' above the edge of the cut bottle. Staple, overlapping the seam. Stick tape on the upper piece, half on the bottle edge then fold tape to stick to the inside of the lid. This makes the edge smooth. Tape inside over staples if you want. Your bottle will set like this:

Up next is paint! You have reached the halfway point in the project and you can pick the color! My son and daughter were in grade school together so for the first couple of years Madam P's apple was green, her brother had red. The color seems to have stuck. Spray the inside and outside of both parts (It helps to conceal any scratches). Apply paint every hour until the color looks even, being careful to avoid drips. After 24 hours you can wire the leaf to the lid, elevating it to make the apple appear as if fresh picked.

Now your ready to fill with goodies. We have used balloons for the teacher who doesn't like sugar hype, but will do the bouncing balls! My son gave his 6th grade teacher (favorite) golf balls and tees, the teacher was hysterical. Babe mentioned that he'd need them. Whatever you chose be sure you have enough for the students to have. Transport using rubber bands placed from top to bottom of dish. Madam selected these for her teacher, a button doll with student and a apple, a refrigerator magnet.

And 21 Reese's for her friends. C&G Design



tina said...

Very nice of you to do this for all those teachers! I know they appreciate your thoughtfulness and will remember the kiddos too.

Jean said...

Looks like a win, win project to gets to do crafts together, teacher gets a gift and kids learn about giving!! Good job.

Skeeter said...

What a cute idea!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Just came from awards, only 1/2 day today so they were early this am. Madam P got 4 including academic achievement all year, exceeding the standard in class and on the mea. Yeah! On the other hand got a bill for a laptop missing from the high school. Aughhh!

Jean said...

RAH, RAH, RAH You go Madam P girl!!! Babe???? Get it to the school. And to think Terri-Lynn had to run a book back to school after Heather's last class yesterday as she forgot to take it with her. So Terri-Lynn took it up so she would not get charged for that. A darn book is $100.00!!! Wonder what the charge is for a laptop. Actually. don't think I wanna know! Now is that laptop one of the ones all the kids got or a regular school one? That probably would make a difference in the price.

DP Nguyen said...

What a cool idea! I agree with Tina, what a great idea for you to do for the teachers