Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Day Trip

Last Wednesday Madame and I took a trip to see Debbie and her mother-in-law, Gee Gee, (and almost Kathleen, we missed you!). Debbie is a blogger from Maine and we don't live that far from one another, as the crow flies is what they say. Anyway, we took photos but I apparently appear to not take to a camera all that well so you won't find all of us here, much to mine and our relief!
Debbie is a darling, she gave all of us gift bags tailored to our taste. Gee Gee is a riot, she has quite the sense of humor and captured the attention of many "innocent" bystanders (I think small children from a far too!) I must say though, what she captured was many positive comments to be proud of.
Anyway, we met at Cole Farms in Gray, most anyone from around here will know the place, they might even know this face. Our waitress is on the commercial for the popular restaurant, she and two other beautiful ladies give a good promo for the dining place. Well, it was Gee Gee who struck up the conversation, she asked our waitress if she was the one with the writings for the gazette. A local newspaper that allows blog writings. One thing led to another, Madame listening intently. Our waitress had been to Ethiopia and India traveling with Mother Teresa charitable group AND she has a twin!
How marvelous! She spent about 20 minutes talking with us, even a booth nearby sent their approximately 3 year old girl over to give Susan her tip for waiting on them. Well, she is also MISS MAINE, what a nice was to start the day, she has lived a lifetime already with participating in Miss America (all very beautiful). But Susan missed Maine all the while. She was kind enough to give all of us a photo with personal sayings handwritten to the receiver, Madame got one.

The rest of our visit was spent shopping, we hit some of the local discount places, Madame spending all my money along the way. Debbie and I have a lot of things in common, she has her own business ,(so had her MIL!) as do I. I think we all like to craft, Madame and Gee Gee love to paint. We all agreed we liked to yard sale, only hubbies don't care to partake. And 3 out of the 4 hate the four letter word D-I-E-T! I know I do.
The day ended just before suppertime, after hugs and goodbyes my husband called me right on the dot! Literally getting in the truck.
Funny how that happens. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

How wonderful that you guys all met! I know you had a super good time. A special bonus to meet a beauty queen and get an autographed photo. An inspiration to Madame?

Debbie said...

Dawn!! I saw those beautiful red tulips and my first thought was...those look familiar!! Ha ha!! Oh we did have a grand time didn't we!! Next time maybe your mom can come. What a great write up you did and thank GOD there were no pictures of me!! The ones GeeGee sent me...I deleted! Boy do I need to get more serious about that four letter word we all HATE! I can't wait to get together with you and Madame again and GeeGee is thrilled about the snow baby!! She already has a place for it at her house. Meeting Suzie was very cool...what a beautiful girl outside and inside too. Madame made out like a bandit that day! Actually...I think you got some good deals too! Marshalls didn't have many good deals that day though....that was discouraging. I wish we had longer to shop...Big Lots and Goodwill was missed! Next time...right? GeeGee and I are still talking about it!

Jean said...

Too cool for everyone and, thanks, Debbie. I would love to tag along with you great folks!!!! I will be meeting some bloggers later this week at Tina's and I can't wait. It is such fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

***** What a day, indeed! You and daughter 'Madame' Nikki are both pluses in my heart! Such talented and gifted mother and daughter! How fast the day went by. I should of worn my sneakers so I could of kept up better. Certainly will next time! I've been thinking that maybe next time we and Kathleen could meet half ways between her and us and we'll make a day of it. Or, make a video of our next 'Sally' and lunch day for our friend in Millimocket? It's a thought. Anyway, I am so glad that we met ... "Madame' is a lovely young lady, super talented like her wonderful mother! Blessings and fondness to both ... GeeGee

Nancy said...

What a special day for all! I'm sure your daughter will always remember it.

We have snow, lots of snow!