Friday, April 30, 2010


I hope Debbie and Gee Gee don't think it's cheesy to post on a gift I made for our get together. Me, I think I write every aspect of my week when it goes by. Day to day I do different projects and I'm content to jump around, I think it makes for a interesting and rewarding way to be. Course, I LOVE sewing and crafting, I could eat, drink and sleep, making things. These are new to me. I have a big tote of unfinished ceramics, nativities, animals, (don't forget the raggedies!) and these little snow babies. Cute.

Very tiny features taking a steady hand and a keen eye. I know the really old snow babies are all white but I wanted a landscape to blend with a Christmas tree. We did the traditional red and green. I used a face paint that has a peach glitter in it hoping for a sheen (like it did when it dried on paper) and it does have a small sheen but not as much as I'd hoped for.

I used this antique silver glitter from the Martha Stewart line and I kick myself for not purchasing more when it was on sale. It's so hard to find. It's so beautiful acting more like a diamond dust than glitter.

Well, what in the world could I use to give these away in? I hadn't thought of that. It wouldn't be prudent to just hand 'em over! Geez, I saw a perfect thing to use my newest stamp for and I really shouldn't go to Craftmania, especially now that I know they have scads of rubber stamps (just the letters) for like....$.99 to $2.99.

A velvet drawstring storage bag with this cute tag will do the trick "From.....and the year" printed on the other side.

They turned out so cute! They are very hard to photograph though. I tried and tried and tried. Every time the flash was on it looked as if the babies have all these empty spots. The glitter is just to shiny.
This is a truer photo although blurred. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

I'm glad you posted that photo so I can really see all the glitter. It's very pretty!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Those are cute. Reminds me of my niece. Her Mom dresses her up for the holidays in just about that much sparkle and spangle;).

Nancy said...

Dawn, how sweet of you! They are too cute. I AM glad you "hop" around on projects. I learn so much.

On my home...we just sold one four years ago in a tough "decor" market...north Dallas. I reused everything and only bought paint and a couple sets of curtain rods because we had to leave most in Dallas. AND, remember, I'm empty nesting. Plus, just me most of the time to mess a place up.

I cannot post this in my blog because I don't know who reads it, but my husband's company wanted to lay him off in December, and didn't. We found out in March. He is interviewing secretly. I know it most likely seems to everyone that I'm just spoiled and want out of the northeast. Nuh-uh. Things have reached the scary place. :-)

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn I couldn't believe it when I saw my....I mean YOUR snow baby!!! I am so thrilled that you showed how you make them! I have been showing all my girlfriends the one you made me and they absolutely LOVE it. I can't wait to hang it on my xmas tree this year. I love the little bag you made and the All Dolled Up tag is perfect! Of course mine says from Dawn and "Madame" on the back of the tag, making it very special to me. These are truly one of a kind and much prettier in person. The photos do not do them justice!! Thanks again Dawn....I will always treasure mine.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry Nancy, your husband's company is pretty sneaky. Hang in there most of NE is not like that.

Lola said...

How cute. Love that glitter. They will look great on the tree.

Jean said...

They are very cute.

Nukke said...

You have done so much here in few days !!!!! These little white dolls are cute !