Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madame's Birdhouse and Feeder

Madame had to get in on the act the other day, well..Monday, when she was off from school. I picked this little kit up at our local discount store (Marden's) for $2.95 and boy, I regret not getting two of them. Even though Madame had fits of frustration within the 45 minutes it took her to get the walls to stay, this kit is really cute. BTW, the walls are tabbed through the floor and every time she set it down, the walls would pop. It wasn't until she brought it over to me for a pedestal to sit it on that I mentioned the "C" shaped pins placed through the tabs might hold each wall as she went. Well! I wasn't right!....and she didn't need my help (at that age). Undoubtedly she felt utterly foolish when she read the next step....guess whhaat!!

Anyway, this kit has both a feeder and a house. The first floor has 3/4 of a space to put seed in through the chimney. The other 1/4 is a elevated square where the seed filters through on the floor. Two windows provide the opening as to get to the seed, it's under the porch roof.

Madame might be the "Queen of paint," either that, or the school has influenced all the budding artist to squirt (alot of) paint on a paper, thereby wasting what you don't use.
I'm the kind that likes to dip my brush in the bottle, that way it doesn't dry out also. I think in the end she was convinced my way is the better way.

Come back on pink Saturday to see the finished "Bed and Breakfast!" C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


Skeeter said...

Oh how you like to tease us with the final product. Will be back on Sat to see Madames Pink B&B.....

Protector of Vintage said...

What a fun project!

Roses and Lilacs said...

It turned out really cute. I love the way she is painting the trim white, the contrast looks great.

tina said...

How sweet. I can't wait to see how she painted it. I am the kind of painter who puts paints on a mat (usually used meat trays since the styrofoam doesn't let it dry and it doesn't stick). I can see how you might save paint dipping it in the bottle though.

Nancy said...

Dawn, I am so far behind on posts! How did this happen? When it does, it means the days are just flying by on me. I enjoyed all. Can't wait to see the bird house. Yes, there is SO much to do. Getting outside may have to wait a bit since I'm working on the inside. Applause for you! Llove the cute header and especially the hand drawn heart.

Jean said...

For that price it would be nice to have several. I made a quick trip to Mardens a week ago today but did'nt see them. Musta gone like hotcakes!!

Can't believe she used pink instead of lavender or leopard spots!!