Saturday, June 5, 2010

A 2 year mark

Today is the anniversary of my two years in the blogging world, who knew I would like it so much.... I've met some goals I set from last year, do more upholstery for one. I finished my living room couch, my mother's chairs and currently, my outdoor furniture. I love to upholster but you really need to know what you are doing though.

I wanted to work with mixed media dolls. I kind of did that with the soft sculpture LuLu, she is nylon, fiberfill and yarn. Remember the cloth, feathers and porcelain of my homemade boudoir doll? And of course there is the painted and varnished Victorian-like baby I patterned after the Colombian doll, although no where near as beautiful.

I wanted to explore the world of pincushions. I haven't felt like I thoroughly got into this goal although I did make an Ann and Andy pincushion I'm ecstatic with.

I also said I would like to make a Halloween and Thanksgiving ornament, one of each. I recall creating two cloth table sitting pumpkins, one with a witch, one with a crow. They were fun, very fun to do. And as for Thanksgiving.........well, I missed that one.

When I reviewed my post of June 5, 2009, I discovered I mentioned my studio. I referenced it in the form of posting about it in the year of 2008. I wasn't surprised about how long I have want my own "cave", because that wish has been with me forever and as many of you know I'm on the cusp of having a place to be exclusively devoted to my creative whims. What you all don't know is my repeat phrase to my husband. "I don't believe we are doing this". He and only he will have to deal with the tears of joy when we are completed with this current project.
Aw heck, why wait!?
"Ba-wa-ha-ha...sob...sob...Wahhhh.....sniff, sniff...." There...I'm done.

I'm not sure I want to set up some goals for the upcoming year except to say, I'll be spending a lot of time getting settled into my studio, making things work, having materials at a fingertip and enjoying a lifelong dream. I can also say....I've got to get some of my quilts finished and listed on Etsy. I really have some beautiful ones to finish, just not the space once they reach a larger point. Look out, Etsy!

I am going to try to keep with Raggedy Ann Wednesday, I'm very proud of the fact I made it with this last year. Ann and Andy has become near and dear to my heart, I think I may hold the record for the most blogging on the subject.

Lastly, although this is a month spread (from sprouting to blooming) on my goat's rue, and this plant is pink.....this is not a Pink Saturday post. I have been waiting for a 2nd year birthday party of pink Saturday to end my almost 2 years of posting with other pink bloggers. I have felt for a while now this it has not been fair to not visit others who blogged PINK. I found my time has become stretched on the weekends, especially this time of year. Myself and my family are very active when we have a day without sports, an event, after school activity and or social gathering of our kid's friends. Saturday is the day set aside for all of us, sometimes Sunday but I'm less tired Sunday night than I am on Saturday. In considering this.....I will no longer post on Saturday. IF I find a yearning to do so I will resume posting, for now it is what I feel I need.
I hope you will still stay with C&G Design and comment as your impute is important to me. I have many smiles at the humor that is conveyed in the commenting along with the "OH" moments that comes with a knowledgeable comment. I like the connection with sharing my projects, quirks, family and life in general, with everyone, and I truly think that without posting, I'd have wayyyy many more unfinished projects hanging out, so a big thanks to you all!


Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Nancy said...

Dawn, congratulations on your two year anniversary! I was almost in tears with you when reading about the studio. Even though there is lots of space here, there is no place to work. What a dream come true! I can't wait to see it.

Thank you for all the inspiration. And, thank you for keeping me sane all those winter and rainy months I sat alone on the side of a mountain wondering if I would make it another day! Okay, now I am in tears! (I just know his travel will start again soon, but the sun has been out, the windows are open and I CAN make it through the summer.)

I look forward to your New England posts and am so comforted by a blogger "nearby". Still, I cannot for the life of me figure out how you can have a garden with all the wilde beasts that roam around here. In awe!

Lola said...

Congratulations Dawn. I've enjoyed all your post, but I do understand. Family comes first. Your getting some much needed rest is all important.
We will be here, enjoying all.

Jean said...

Congrats on 2 years!! You are stopping blogging on 1 day out of 7? I do not know how you bloggers do it 7 days a week so it will be fine with me, I will still read 6 days a week but must admit, I will like 1 day a week off myself and all I do is read. Maybe that 1 day I can read some others that I like. I usually read Debbie and Kathleen but have not got caught up on either since I got back home.
Enjoy your 1 day a week off!

Debbie said...

For some reason Dawn this post left me near tears! You have such a way with words and I am so proud of you that family comes first. Like Jean said...only 6 out of 7 days! Oh my! I can't even get 2 in a week or sometimes a month! How the heck do you do it?? I am so excited for you to get into YOUR new woman cave! Excellent touched on a lot and I think everyone will absolutely understand about the Pink Saturdays. Geez...I didn't even know about the Raggedy Wednesday's! That's how much I pay attention! Egad! And thanks Jean for stopping by my sweet!!

Protector of Vintage said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Congrats on your two year blog anniversary Dawn.I know you love your blog and we all love reading your blog, but I think you can miss one day of blogging and spend that time with your family, especially at times when they need you.