Friday, June 11, 2010


Today is the last day of school and for our elementary school, it's the end of 5th and 6th grade. Due to budget cuts 3 of our 9 town elementary schools are combining certain grades, cutting positions and increasing enrollment to other locations as the numbers have dropped dramatically in the last few years.
Anyway....ever since my son went through our local school, there have been a few teachers joking about retiring due to of boys..or a..gaggle of girls....etc. and our sixth grade teacher has decided to make it true this year. This teacher has been a favorite teacher of my son's, which is a hard thing to do! My daughter seems to like them all, so here is what we personally did. He likes golf.....
Wouldn't this make a nice retirement gift? It's a home set for those rainy days. I love it!

And life wouldn't be complete without a cuppa' java, this one states it all:
The good teacher explains,
The super teacher demonstrates,
The great teacher inspires.
It's from the Boyd bear collections.

And look at the inside......insert squeal here**!
We filled it full of Carmel's with netting over it.
Even the package had coordinating ape paper with a monkey card!

I had a bit of trouble wrapping so the whole thing ended up in a gift bag. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

Very very nice gifts for a retiring teacher. Love that mug.

Lola said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeew. I thought you were retiring from blogging when I saw the heading. So glad you will be there every morning {except 1}.
That is a super gift for that special teacher.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Sad to be losing a really good teacher. Excellent gifts.

Debbie said... thoughtful of you to do that! Good for you! This is beyond teacher appreciation!! The good ones need encouragement but they don't need to retire....:( Boy can I relate to your son only liking one teacher! Kyle was the same way and Carissa loved all of hers!

Protector of Vintage said...

Such a thoughtful gift!

Nancy said...

Oh, Dawn, another TWO milestones, moving on, and really, moving on for the teacher!

When I researched an article about my son's (and, yours) age, it said this group is the biggest "baby boom" since the real baby boom. I know people keep saying it's budget cuts, and it sounds terrible that teachers of all people are being downsized, but if it is fact, there just are not as many kids in school now.

I'm reading, Freakenomics. It's making me look for the REAL facts more and more. Just wondering on the boom thing.

Love your flowers, too.

Jean said...

That is so nice of you and I am sure the teacher will love it.

Enrollment is way down in both of the Harpswell schools also. SAD 75 and the state board of education had planned on closing the West Harpswell one. Meaning all the kids in grade school on our side would have to go to Harpswell Island. Harpswell voted on keeping it opened with Harpswell paying the thousands and thousands of dollars SAD 75 would save by closing it. Since the other side has more voters than us, I feared it would be closed. I WAS WRONG and am happy I was!!!!! However, that vote is only good for 1 more year, then we will do it all over again. As the years go by, at some point, I know in my heart it will be closed.

Dawn said...

Mom, We just came from awards and it was announced k,1st will be taught together, 2nd and 3rd will be taught together and they are trying to get approval for a p-k of 10 when there are 17 coming in the next year. Our prin has to be shared with the other school but she has vitural t.v. Gosh!
On the lighter side, Madame got the presidental acadamic excellence award for all 4's on report and highest nwea (national testing for no child left behind). She was the only one in the entire school.
Nancy, My son keeps telling me he is a baby boomer, I keep reminding him about gen Y for all the computer stuff. I guess enrollment is down for that also. :(