Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Pattern of Raggedy Annies

Shirley from Annies Cupboard offers this free pattern and instruction.

Jackie's Girls Pattern 2007

This is an easy pattern to do. I am sure with your creativity you could even spruce it up a bit. All you will need to do is cut out the pattern pieces that I have provided. You will need to cut out the doll body and trace it on a folded piece of paper to get the full pattern. You can make the doll body longer and the legs longer or shorter if you please. You will need to do that at this point. After you cut all the parts out you will need to sew them together. Stuff and sew closed at the bottom of the doll body. You can sew by hand or machine the legs onto the doll at the end of the body. Make sure you stuff really really good in the neck and head.

You can now apply the facial features using black and red embroidery thread. Paint the stockings red and the cheeks red. Her shoes are black. You can paint them any color. Let dry. Then you can sand the shoes down with a bit of sand paper. But not too hard. Then stain the doll body. After she is dry you can then apply doll hair to your dolls head. I just took some strands of hair and sewed each one around the head. I used wool raggedy locks bought from she has really awesome doll hair. I then sewed her dress and apron and stained them. Just place the apron and dress on any fabric you like. I drew sew lines on the pattern. Your dress is made like a shirt top. You just place it on doubled fabric. I used muslin for the apron and homespun fabric for the dress. I stained the apron and dress then ironed them then placed them on the doll. I added on a few buttons and some stitches.

Tea/Coffee Stain:

I use 1 / 2 cup of instant coffee 1/2 hot hot water.

Items needed to make this project:

Muslin – 1 yard
Black/Red Embroidery Thread
Black Acrylic Paint
Wool doll hair
Instant Tea/coffee
Basic Sewing & Painting Supplies

Help/questions? Email me.

You can make these for your craft shows, websites,
and auction sites. But please make sure you give
credit back to me Anniescupboards© as the designer.
Duplication and distribution of pattern in print or electronic
form prohibited without permission.
Thank you.

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


tina said...

I can see a child loving these dolls so much.

Jean said...

Very cute. I thought of a hobo so I would spruce em up with a bandana tied on the end of a pole and thrown over a shoulder.

Roses and Lilacs said...

These would be really cute in several decorating arrangements I can think of. I'm coping the patterns.

Skeeter said...

Now those are some Raggedy looking Ann’s! I would have to alter the pattern as I think they are too skinny, If only someone would say that about me :-)

Lola said...

Very cute Dawn. I could see where they could be used for many different seasons.