Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time worn teddies

I'm making big time use of these nice days in Maine to clean out my craft camper, I want to get as much stuff out of there before the spring rainfalls. The ole' camper leaks pretty badly especially after having a couple feet of snow on top of it, cracking all the brushed on silverdyne or whatever it's called. Anyway....I had this beautiful teddy sitting on my cabinet for the longest time (2 years now) in hopes of finding his lost leg. Today was the day! Sitting in the camper waiting for me to pick it up! It still has the vintage button attached to it! It's a special bear to me because it's the bear I made and gave to my son on his second birthday. He promptly unwrapped the poor fella and then body slammed him. **What's a mother to do**

He was a simple repair, I needed my doll needle (5 inches) and some carpet/button thread. I took stitches thru the entire body out to the other button on the other leg. It takes finesse but it can be done!

Here's another trick to do when dating your work, I made a looped ribbon and stitched it into the neck when I attached the head. You can see how tiny the ribbon is compare to my fingernail, if I were to let it go it would disappear into the fur. On side is marked 19 with a permanent pen and the other side is 95. The year I made teddy is 1995, he's fifteen. Seems like yesterday.

Here is a side shot, I'd like to shave his muzzle but since I made it this way for my son, I'll keep it this way. Later on down the road I'll make a bear with a skinnier, longer muzzle that requires shaving. It will have a humpback too.

He likes his seat and has a view of everything.
He's not noisy, just curious. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


Jean said...

Glad you found the leg. Cute post, I love the ending. It does seem like just the other day. Time goes by sooooo fast.

Protector of Vintage said...

What cute little bear!!