Thursday, March 11, 2010

A March Day

Madame had her yearly band jam yesterday (seems like every activity she does has a jam this time of year). Anyway, I had to pick her up from dance class and hurry to the high school, I toted along my camera for a nice March day. Check out the snow, it's that snow that is coated with debris and sand so it won't melt at 40 ish temperatures. I had to turn the truck around to enjoy these horses, there is something magnificent and majestic about horses.

I apologize about the blurring of my photos. It was the time of day where the flash needed to be off and I haven't mastered the shutter settings yet, but you can see the gorgeous brown color of this guy. I could walk up and just touch him.

Down the road a bit is what is left of the ice on the lake. Believe it or not the smooth wide path that you see is where the towns people plow the snow off so the local kids can skate and play hockey. My son sold hot chocolate at such a event when he was in cub scouts. Ah, those were the days, now we just enjoy.

Much to my surprise, when I turned from the lake I discovered someones yard FULL of turkeys.

This was about half of them, boy, some seed sure tasted good in that yard!
Just a nice March day. C&G Design

P.S. Happy 24th to my stepson Mike!

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


tina said...

I agree about horses, though I enjoy my neighbor's they REALLY make a mess of the ground not to mention scratching themselves on my fence. Urgh. Neat on all the turkeys. Happy Birthday to Mike.

Nancy said...

We have more snow than that...wondered why it wasn't melting. I keep waiting for the next storm. This is WAY early for Spring.

Love the pics, just like here!!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

We have wild turkeys here too. I got some photos yesterday.

The horses must be glad to see the end of the snow so they can get to the grass beneath.

Lola said...

Love those horses, always have. Had one one time.
Happy Birthday, Mike.

Debbie said...

I don't know why but I thought you were probably a horse person. Did you ever have horses? We have two right next door to us and we see them all the time. The turkeys?...what's up with that...they are everywhere now! They are in my back yard messing with my garden this winter and in the compost! Nice photos.

Jean said...

That horse is gorgeous and I agree with Debbie that the turkeys are eveywhere now days.

Little Mike is 24, oh my goodness. How time goes by. Happy Birthday Mike.

Skeeter said...

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Hey, when you come sit on my swing, once we get relaxed, we can go pet my neighbors horse's. We are currently horse sitting for them as they are off to celebrate a grandchild’s birthday.

I keep looking for turkeys in our yard but thus far, Zero....

How did the Jam session go with Madame?

Protector of Vintage said...

Very nice photos!! Didn't know you had a stepson!! Happy Birthday to Mike~