Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

I think everyone in the United States (and from afar), know who and what I speak of when I write....Shirley Temple. America's sweetheart. I'm considering buying a vintage doll from the seventies so I'm looking everywhere before I take the plunge. I do have a cloth doll pattern that is a great rendition of Shirley, and I can purchase her clothing pattern for a small amount of investment.
But I just love the seventies vinyl doll in the red and white polka dot dress. *Sigh* Oh well, I've been looking for awhile,
I'll keep looking. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,

C&G Design.


Lorraine said...

OMG!! I have that Shirley Temple!! :o) Her dress is original, but her shoes and stockings aren't..she was definitely played with!! Good luck with your search! Great paper dolls!
Have a great day!

tina said...

I hope you find her.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good luck with your search. it's always fun to go on a hunt for something special.

Jean said...

There was a time when she was on and in EVERYTHING!!!! She sure was a popular gal and she also fared pretty well as Shirley Black and as a menber of congress.

Hope you find just what you want and for a whale of a bargin.

They had a head photo on a creamer or small picture vintage cobalt blue dishes. With my love and collection of the dishes I did not have one for the longest time but I now have 2 of them and love them.

Jean said...

Whoops....the head photo was of Shirley Temple.

Lola said...

She looks good regardless. I will keep an eye out for her for you.

Skeeter said...

Okay this post has me singing today.
On the good ship, lollypop.....