Monday, November 10, 2008

Johnny West

Ever hear of Johnny West?

This is a partial reveal of the trunk treasures.

Mr West was a action figure of the 1950's. I think he looks John Wayneish. He has all his doo- dads.

Johnny West has a ranch where he and his family live. The composition of these figures are very heavy and study made. They came with a mismatch of other items and the nearest I can tell from the Internet, at least one accessory to person.

From left to right; Johnny West, Captain Tom Maddox, Renegade Sam Cobra (bad guy), Sheriff Garrett (Good to have), and boys Jay and Jamie West (kneeling).

L to R; Chief Cherokee, Princess Wildflower (with papoose), Geronimo, and Fighting Eagle, (sitting).

L to R; Janice West (daughter), Jane West (wife) and Josie West (daughter), and Josie issued in red (sitting).

Each figure has a current price of $175.00 to $350.00, IF they had all their accessories. It's pretty simple, items are sold separately on EBay and latest check has about 10 pages worth of bidding.

Woo Hoo! To the attic we go....C&G Design.


Jean said...

WOWIE!!! What a gift that was!!! Great stuff that will sell very quickly if you don't want to keep them.

lola said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
I might not of mentioned these are from a house the caretaker lived in. The caretaker built a new house farther back on the land and sold the old house to a couple from Mass. We did his new system and are now doing the system in the old house, current owners didn't want anything and asked the gentleman to take it all to the dump. The caretaker is retired and is about 50. These are more than likely his. He has a wife about 40 or so. They had a daughter about 2 years ago. It was quite the surprise! Esp. to him.

Scott Stewart said...

Hi, I'm a big collector of Johnny West. Some of your information is a little off. If you want to learn all about them including current values. Please see my website

Dawn said...

Hello Scott Stewart, Thanks for your addy, I did visit and you do, by certain, have a overwelming collection of Johnny West. It was a bit hard to tell if prices are for Marx, placticote (I think) or any others. Mine are all Marx and I got my info from Which, (and I should of said) the sale price includes the box.
When I first saw these I found another site,
They have the same similular prices and indicate if the boxes have a smug, tear or hole.
I enjoy you info, it is expansive including the mold numbers of everything.
I make it a practice to comment I'm not expert nor do I have any prior knowledge of J. West.
Mine and my husband belief is, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
I can appreciate your price guide being based on 10 years of sales from EBay. EBay is great!
Tommorrow will be the other half of this collection, no price was written in because it's difficult to tell what was what, so much variation between color, stance and ability. Stay tuned!

Skeeter said...

They look like dolls to me so dont I win a prize for the correct guess!!! :)

What a great find indeed! Amazing what people will throw away. But who am I to talk, I still dont know what happened to my Ann and Andy...

tina said...

I can't believe someone would just throw all these treasures out! What a find and save and rescue!