Sunday, November 2, 2008


I really don't have a explanation about my attraction toward "African art", I only know I like it and possess to few pieces since they are so expensive.

The world of blogging is wonderful when researching a particular subject, I usually know a little about a lot but when it came to totems, I knew nothing! It was delightful to read the many articles that explained the symbolism of a totem. Earlier times, a totem supported large groups rather than a individual person, such as clans. They were religious containing the hierarchy of tribal members within the "church", "healing man", "future teller", "world warrior", and etc.

Modern time totems have single individuals, not involved in tribal, and who has also selected a compatible, personal, animal spirit.

North American totems are misnamed and are more heraldic in nature, (all matters related to duty), and are a crest representative of a family or special occasion. They feature many animals, aquatic creatures and supernatural beings.

I put blue bird with a long neck in a search engine and consistently, what appeared, was a Blue Heron. I think this may be close so I ran with it. It was interesting, I found the symbolism as follows:

ROLE: Primary mission is PEACEMAKER.

WIND: East~being peace and illumination.

LESSON: Balance between relating and standing alone.

Group 1-standing alone because lost in rejection or betrayal.

Group 2-an independent comfort of ones own company with a

underlying restlessness, a challenge of being alone

and in harmony with animals of Ina Maka (mother

ELEMENT: Air/water, a member of the stork family who have

grace and stateliness in the water, a bit gangly as they

fly, do to an inability to tuck their heads.

MEDICINE: Uniqueness, teaching to rest of us the value and

importance of each individual contribution to the

world; gaining confidence, timing and action,

tempering it with embracing loving relationships.

A renowned Sioux Holy Man said:

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which

comes within the soul of the people when they relay their relationships,

their oneness with the universe and all it's powers,

and when they realize that at the center of the universe,

dwells the Great Spirit, and at the center is really everywhere,

it is within each of us."

That said it all. C&G Design.


tina said...

Very spiritual post this morning. I do like your totem. Carved wood? It looks most homey and rustic.

Skeeter said...

Very interesting about the totems. The only totems I ever seem to hear about is the Totem Poles of Indian tribes....

Dawn said...

I'm not sure about being carved but I know it is splitting in a few places.

Jean said...

Very interesting and your research turned up some very true words for relationships.

Fifi Flowers said...

Very interesting... great post!