Monday, August 3, 2009

5th Project

Madame is on her final project needed to open her own Etsy store.She lost the pattern to her slippers has moved on, I, on the other hand keep looking for the blogger that posted such a lovely such luck so far.
As you can tell for the photo above, Madame is doing a plastic canvas project. I think the reason why I have stuck to the '5 projects' rule before opening her own shop on Etsy, is because I want finished crafts, heaven forbid she does what I've done! And has to downsize or finish everything at this point of life!

I think this little candy dish is so cute! C&G Design


tina said...

Good rule for her. That way you'll know she is serious.

Skeeter said...

Plus gives mommy more room for unfinished crafts. hee hee...

I thought the project was going to be shirts or dresses for a doll. Ha, goes to show what I know from a quick glance. Cute bowl for candy indeed!

Lola said...

How sweet. Looks lovely. How about the candle tree. Would like to see info on it. I like it. Great for x-mas.
Good training for Madame.

Jean said...

Great job Madame, it is adorable, I love it.

Like Lola I also noticed the tree candle holder and wondered if it was also homemade.

Protector of Vintage said...

I was admiring that candle tree, too!!! Can't wait to see Madame's shop. Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Oh, no the candle tree is not a included pattern :( Too bad because you all got me to thinking it would be nice, too!
Skeeter, I had never heard of the cute poem either. Surely fits.
Mom, just today, I have 3 tomatoes ripening. Everything has done well with this rain, I not doing watermelon next year but beets!

Leedra said...

Like the candy dish.

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