Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cute Cookie Jars

I found these on under collectibles, no prices just photos. I thought I'd share how cute they are. Who wants a cookie? These two are my favorite.
These two are a special, custom make.

Just are not to many African American Ann and Andy's around although there should be more.

She's a cutie!

And so are they!

The next two almost look as if they go as a set with the one above. Must be a common pair.

I'm guessing from the seventies.

She is different, almost a Japan quality to her, which BTW Raggedy Ann is very popular in Japan.

I have to love Beloved Belindy, Ann and Andy AND Marcella's nanny (maybe just Marcella's). Isn't she wonderful? I believe she is the first primitive I fell for.

We have to have the regular cylindrical cookie jar too!

Would Raggedy Ann and Andy think poorly if they had one with a lock? Hummm...
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Roses and Lilacs said...

Those are all cute. Now I have this craving for a home made Toll House cookie;)

tina said...

So many to choose from! I think the last is my favorite. I do like the shaped cookie jars but they are not so functional.

Lola said...

They all are cute. Couldn't have a favorite.

Skeeter said...

My Favorite is which ever one holds the Chocolate Chip cookies!

Kathleen said...

Love seeing all the cookie many different ones. Temps seem to cooling off some...I like it! Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Really adorable! Especially for a big Raggedy fan like you my friend! I have been showing off the dolls I won from you to company lately and they ALL love them! They cannot believe you made them...AND the pillow too! My room upstairs would not be the same without them now! Thanks again for that....they are so darned cute and professionally made.:)

Jean said...

They are all adorable. I think the next to last one looks like Aunt Jamima. I do not think that is the right way to spell it but hope you can figure it out.

We just got back from the Gray Animal Farm and it was HOT there.

Protector of Vintage said...

Those are all so cute!! My favorite is the last one.

Dawn said...

Welcome back Skeeter! You have been missed!

Skeeter said...

Sorry, I was tied up with so much from being gone a week! You would think a hubby could at least tend to the mail. But no, it was all piled high for my viewings! Argggggg..... I wonder if there is such a service as a Temp Wife for when I am gone again.... lol