Monday, August 24, 2009

Composition doll, Dress

I'm almost done with the composition doll #1 that Kathleen passed onto me, I really love the little dress she was wearing and at a attempt to save it, I hand washed it with Woolite in cold water. But my efforts could not mend the little holes on the bib ruffle.

The slip/pantaloons washed up really good, seems I would have to replace the little yellow party dress though.

Which looked awful after I hung it up to dry, Maine weather....if you don't like it wait 5 minutes and it will change, true on this day, not a cloud in the sky until I hung out the dollies laundry to dry!

So down at the machine I sat. No bother, I have the perfect fabric to make another dress for doll #1 (I need a name), it's the same fabric, rayon, and pale pink. It's so pale it can almost look white.
If you enlarge the close-up photo of the yellow dress you'll see part of the reason why I'd hope this little thing would be good, it has a scallop edging on the bib ruffle. I was pretty sure my machine could do a better, much thicker, scalloping. Trouble was, I'd never used it before, especially on a tender fabric as rayon.

My husband likes to tell people that I didn't, or wouldn't use this brand new machine for a couple of years after he bought it for me. He was so proud of the purchase and being very informed and knew it would do many more things that I would enjoy. But for years I used my old machine, I was very intimated but all the electronic and worried I'd break it.

This was the day of truth, see that my machine was clicked over to scallop stitch? There are a few more things that need switching, size of the stitch, both length and width. I had done the swan stitch and the tulip stitch this way and didn't have a issue. Simple.

No, not so easy, all the machine would do is zig-zag, *sigh*, I resorted to reading the instructions. Which seemed to be of no help. The stitch I wanted was classified as a decorative stitch (letters C to I), falling within the satin stitch program, "Place dial on F". Well "F" is the shell stitch and that was zigging and zagging all over the place. The beautiful lighting stitch didn't work either, that's the drop down box looking shape you see on Indian blankets. Anyway, "decorative stitches" weren't computing. I got so frustrated with it and I tuliped stitched the hem of the dress, I chose a contrasting color thread.

I felt pretty silly when I took the time to really review the directions in the manual, I was not going to not do the scallop edging! The "F" dial was on the stitch length, well! That would make sense since satin stitch is a side by side stitch and has no length!


I used hem tape on the bib ruffle, I did so because with rayon, it is harder than heck to get a even hem let alone on something as small as a ruffle. Hem tape is ironed on then the paper is removed leaving a small rubber like line holding the hem down.

(I guess my thumbnail is still jaundice from dyeing the wig!)

I was quite happy with the bib,

and even happier with the dress.

The flower stems....

and the done dress! It's cute, it's so cute....

I decided, after I made the repairs to the shoe, they needed alittle juicing too! C&G Design.


tina said...

It came out beautifully! I've never used a sewing machine in my life so I can totally understand.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Dawn, your dress and bib are just beautiful. How I envy you, I wish I could sew like that...or at all. Too bad about the old dress but I really like the new one, even the shoes turned out so well.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Dawn, how beautiful is that. I love that little dress with the bib. So absolutely elegant. I just love it. You do such beautiful work. Can't wait to see it on the doll. Thanks for sharing. Country hugs, Sherry

Jennifer Swan Hopkins said...

WOW! I am so impressed, those items were darling and amazing, I'm with Roses and Lilacs in her envy and admiration. TY for coming by and leaving such a lovely, encouraging comment. I am so excited!


Lola said...

It looks great Dawn. Wish I could still sew & stuff. Now to see it on the little lovely. It will look great.

Jean said...

Oh WOWIE!!! It is beautifully impressive. Great job. I love it and it does look almost white. Maybe it is the babies christening day.

CC said...

You did beautifully. Little dress is gorgeous and every baby doll would love it. I also am scared by my machine and have attachments that I've never attempted to use. Maybe you have given me courage to try.

Kathleen said...

What an adorable dress. Any doll would feel like a million in it. You did an amazing job. I so happy to see this little doll coming back to life. You are so knowledgible...where did you learn all this?? Hugs, Kathleen

Rosey Pollen said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm a little slow to get the connection but I just realized you were Tina's sister!
You are BOTH so talented and sweet!
Are you the older or younger sister?
I am not a seamstress in the least but your dress is adorable.

Skeeter said...

Cute as can be Dawn! I love little doll dresses with fancy touches...