Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Gift from Kathleen!

Kathleen from Rural Maine Life, a loyal commenter on here for a while now, notified me last week that she had a few dolls she would offer me. What a sweetheart! Pay her a visit, she is setting a antique spot up in a lovely mall and always has some nice goodies. Thanks, Kathleen!

Her dolls arrived today and I could hardly keep from squealing! I love having something to work with and first doll is no disappointment in that area. The second doll is just as beautiful but she needs parts and I will post on her as soon as I can locate them, more than likely EBay will have what she needs. The first thing we notice about this little girl is she needs re wigging, it's not too difficult as long as you can get mohair, most older composition dolls have a natural mohair wigs stapled to the head. I already have a inquiry into a Etsy seller about her mohair, I think she sells three colors, white, natural and grey all in a 3 lb bag. Who Hoo! As soon as she responses, I will be buying. I will hand dye the hair to the closes gold as possible. I was afraid if I purchased the yellow it wouldn't satisfy me

The uppers on her shoes are still in tact but have a fragile feel to them. I can replace the soles if I'm careful and I will be because she has both of them! Uncommon.

Look at the detail on the yoke of her dress, which may or may not be original, I don't believe it to be the dress that was sold with this little girl because the opening in the back appeared too small to be able to slip off easily, same with the arms. Either way, I'm going to hand wash it and see what I can do to revitalize it, if not I make another from a like fabric, maybe pink.

Underneath her pale yellow dress was this sort of ballooning slip/pantaloons/undershirt. The undershirt was tied around her neck as if a halter. ??? However, I am able to restore this, a hand wash, iron and small hemming on the straps that will go over the shoulders to push snaps on the slip in the back.

Her torso is in marvelous shape! She has a crier but it does not work, I'll leave this part of her alone because it is not worth cutting the torso for a chance I'll be able to fix the crier.

I believe I'm leaving the arms and legs alone, it will be hard to match the head by hey, I give these lost dolls my best! I have not cleaned the legs yet, the composition looks okay, just some dirt or scuffs so maybe they will need coating.

I am going to have to do something with the face though, and you can see it might be a problem under the wig. Then again it maybe from the staples that held her lovely locks in place. Either way, this crazing will only get worse. (see the little staple under her ear?)

She has big ole' glass brown sleep eyes with both eyelashes full and lush. No fogging on the eyes and no sticking when opening/closing. Her joints are not loose, kind of in between loose and tight. Her arms and will rotate with ease.

And teeth!

I do believe there is a tongue in there too. C&G Design


tina said...

How sweet of Kathleen to send you some new projects. Can't wait to see how the reno goes. Maybe you should go into the doll restore business?

Roses and Lilacs said...

You are so knowledgeable about dolls. I had no idea mohair could be ordered and put on a doll. She looks like one of the children from "Oliver", a ragged little waif but she has a beautiful face.

Debbie said...

Hi Dawn!! Oh I was really thrilled to see that our friend Kathleen sent you an old "fixer upper" that is right up your alley! This is very exciting and I can't wait to see what you do with her. I know you will work miracles. I miss you and the rest of the gang and I miss blogging. We are getting closer now. I will post soon.

Jean said...

That was ever so sweet of Kathleen and I know the doll doctor is in 7th heaven with the new fixer uppers. This one sure does have a cute face and look forward to seeing her all done....have fun.

Kathleen said...

Oh Dawn, I am so glad you are happy with those dirty little dolls. If anyone can improve them, it would be you. I know a leg was missing on one. I may have it, I have to look around. I have one more doll....I am thinking she is a Revlon Doll. I am going to do a post on her tomorrow. If you have any infoon her, I would appreciate it. I am so happy to give those dolls a home.......hugs, Kathleen

Lola said...

What a cutie. Those eyes are gorgeous.
How sweet of Kathleen to send them to you. Will be anxious to see the final result.

Skeeter said...

How exciting!