Sunday, July 11, 2010

Annie Applebee

I just went through my handmade crafts, relabeled them, and repacked them. Storage was a issue for myself and my husband. The crafts were upstairs but now they are stacked up in my bedroom closet. My husband has issues we me placing boxes in the knee wall, since we have blown -in insulation everything has to be placed on the supporting cross boards of the trusses, which are at a angle. I guess that makes everything leaning on the back of my shelving. Oh well, we shall figure it out.

Anyway, Annie Applebee is going on Etsy. I found her amongst the other things that are already listed on Etsy, I must of missed her.

She is 14 inches, made from burlap-hand stitched with the running stitch, along her outside seams. She has jute bows for hair.

She even has primitive bloomers and a five inch, time worn teddy.

ABC and the apples on her apron are fused and that is where her name comes from.

She's sweet. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Lola said...

She is really cute.

tina said...

She is sweet indeed. Sometimes storing things is not the answer and we need to downsize so someone else can enjoy our things. Not a bad thing when we get paid for it.

Jean said...

She is just adorable!! Someone will just love to buy her.

Protector of Vintage said...

She's very cute!! I like her little teddy bear, too.

Skeeter said...

The little touches on such dolls are wonderful, the Teddy Bear I mean. So cute...

Clara Di Vincenzo said...

Hello, are open comments on my blog.
Please advise.

Nancy said...

Dawn, I'm stopping right now to comment! Do you know how many times I read and read here and get pulled away?

This is the weekend to pull everything out of the storage rooms, except the good trims, and lay it out on the lawn for a yard sale. I so wish you could come by! I have tons of (new) stuffing, foam chair pads, oh, just everything. All must go!

So, I really admire your fortitude in going through and finding a place for items. Can't wait to see the finished afghan.

HOT and HUMID here in the land of no air conditioning. Pile a bunch of family friends in the car (truck! so you have more room) and come on down, over or where ever we are! :-)