Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Story

Funny how unpacking boxes can bring a flood of memories back to you.

This is a little kit I bought for my son 17 years ago, we never opened it. I think it is from the seventies or eighties. Ann and Andy are of the later version.

How curious I am to hear the singing voices of this brother and sister! I'm not sure what happened that caused us to overlook opening this booklet and cassette tape but I'm glad I did. Perhaps my son wasn't the raggedy Ann and Andy type.

It's to new to be in any value book and for now it will stay in it's package.

But let there be ONE will be Christmas with Ann and Andy.

Hopefully cassette players will still be around. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

You'll probably have tons of grandchildren. Just give it time.

Roses and Lilacs said...

The grand kids will love it. Maybe I'm too sentimental but Raggedy Ann was much more lovable and interesting than Sponge Bob or Elmo:) Who wants to snuggle up with a sponge?

Debbie said...

You are quite a saver Dawn! That's awesome but it is also the reason you had so many things to unpack too! Arggg....isn't that always the way? Hubbie keeps telling me I need to get rid of this or that and I pack it up and put it somewhere else! I figure I just need a bigger house. My son and girlfriend are sleeping upstairs in my room right now and there is NOT much room there! Maybe i will blog about them!

Jean said...

Oh dear, don't rush the grandchild thing!!!!!! I am happy with 3 great grandchildren for now. However, when there is one more, that will make an awesome gift.

Protector of Vintage said...

You have such patience! I'd be tempted to open it up and listen!!!

Lola said...

Wait till you get a GS & a GGS in the same yr. I just said that's enough. A granddaughter, the rest are boys. She gave me my GGS's.
My niece, another "only girl" loves the Raggedy Ann & Andy. I have no idea what or how many she has.
Jean, they sure are precious aren't they?