Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christmas in July

I'm thinking that with all this heat and humidity New England is experiencing for the first time in a while, I might focus on a cooler subject....Christmas, it's not far away.
We have unpacked the last of the boxes from the attic space (now my studio), and a fondness fell over me. These are ornaments Madame made in first grade, the teacher was/is wonderful!
This was a plain blue breakable bulb until Madame wrapped her painted hand around it, then with help, she made snowmen, so sweet.

A wired polka-dot heart made from a paper grocery bag.....

And a reindeer from another hand print. These are priceless to me. Babe made a few, a tin foil bell, a cotton ball bearded Santa. They are packed with the regular holiday decorations and this year....Madame's will too.

A wooden star with glitter.

This one is a cute notion, a tin punch from a frozen juice can end.
Feel cooler? Not! C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Nancy said...

Aren't those just precious!

We canceled the garage sale to give M more time to send out resumes since this move isn't the best solution for anyone. No, there is nothing in this area so we will move, the where is still iffy. However, your post reminds me that I must start sorting (where? no garage and showing the house) and can't wait to see our precious treasures again.

Stay cool! I work from home so I haven't had a stitch of air conditioning throughout this heat. Aarghhhh!

Jean said...

Those are all so cute. The reindeer also looks like a turkey. It is amazing what you can make from almost nothing. Good nostalgic for sure.

Protector of Vintage said...

It's always fun to dig-out the homemade treasures our kids have created!! Those are very cute!!

Lola said...

Oh, fond memories of what our children make. I still have a few that were made by my boys.
Love them.