Monday, July 19, 2010

A Lame-o Post

Well, the experiment with Madame and the hexagon grannies did not go to well, she tried to follow the pattern but ended up with a ruffled flower. When I took her work apart I discovered she work one side of the hex and then another, I guess I should of explained "turn work" as crochet in the opposite direction. The really good thing about it all is that she knows how to crochet a granny square now, Yippee! And she loves doing it.
Anyway, I have been working like mad to get these hexagons done, I need about 280 to finish from here on in. I think it will go quick as long as Madame shares her yarn stash. I figured out tonight that there is a actual pattern to my blanket, ugh. I wish I knew that a while ago.
So, much to my surprise, guess who volunteered his time to ball my yarn? You want to what? You will be a while and while your at it....let me snap a picture for people to believe because I don't. Well, my husband believes this is a lame-o post.
I say...I need to replace your chair or make some antimadagascars for the arms! C&G Design
PS. I can do that now that I know where the gold velvet fabric is...

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Debbie said...

Oh I am so glad Madame was able to get that! You are such a good mom Dawn!! These are treasured things she will be passing down to her children and grands some day. As my mother used to say..."you are planting seeds dear." I love that. And hubby unraveling the yarn? I think that is wonderful!! My Bobbie would do that too if I asked him. Your husband is a great got a good one!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Seems like your daughter is becoming interested in the same things you are.

Lola said...

Way to go Madame. Seems she is picking up on all that "mom" loves to do. It's great that you are showing & teaching her.

Nancy said...

What a sweetie! Volunteered? My husband does help out, too. He even learned to make the stars years ago.

Oh, how jealous I am that you know where things are now! :-)

Jean said...

Way to go Madame!!!

What a GRRREAT hubby!!!