Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Weekend

My goodness, the kids had 4 days in a row without school or an activity but it felt as if we were rushing from one thing to another.

Our local area has a parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it's the Christmas parade but most people refer to it as the Thanksgiving parade. It was led by the Marines, nice huh?

The Maine Red Claw made his debut, it's our new basketball team, ha! We are moving up in sports, it's not just for Boston anymore! Look out you guys!

And of course the Kora Shriner's were here in their little funny cars.

Can you recognize Elvis? This float was our local oil/convenience shops company. They always get first and this year was no exception.

My son was in it, his law teacher also runs a kennel, they were the float that got a honorable mention (see the blue ribbon to my son's left). Funny story....my son said he was going to be Cornelius Maximums, who we thought was a figure in Greek history. Come to find out....he was actually "Yukon Cornelius" from Rudolph, remember the character that was looking "FOR SILVER AND GOLD!" then lick his pick? Too funny, most of the other students were walking dogs, my son threw candy (he has a pitch arm). See Bumble the abominable snowman to his far left? I marked him with a arrow. That's how we figured this story out.

There were b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l horses,

and this little guy was somewhat shy.

This photo is a perfect beer ad.....

and these guys were really cold, one kept pushing the other.

The grand finale was seeing Santa, we visit him and his helpers every Eve when he passes out gifts to the local people who venture out to celebrate.

So Sunday, we went to the Nutcracker. Madame had all the shows this past weekend but stayed at the Holiday Inn with another Soldier friend.

Pictures of the ballet are forbidden so all I have is the backstage photos, here she is getting her cheeks. The volunteers use a eye liner edged on the bottom of a paper cup then pressed to the skin to get uniform circle. Shhhh, though, it's a secret.

They did wonderfully and the ballet was moving, as usual.

All over til next year. C&G Design


Skeeter said...

Busy weekend indeed! We have 3 major parades in our area but they are usually on the same weekend and we can only catch one if that. Madame is so darn cute in her nutcracker outfit....

Jean said...

The heck with the Maine Red Claw team, I want the car!!!! I saw "Elvis" on the news that night and thought it was the Babe with some padding but figured you would have told me if he were going to do that. Then I see he is not Elvis but in the parade. Those horses are stunning.

Madame is a doll of a nutcracker!!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I especially enjoyed seeing the horses.

Protector of Vintage said...

Looks like your family is having a great time!!

Debbie said...

So much for having a few days off!! You guys are sooooo busy all the time! The parade looked great and I love those Kora Shrine riders! They come to Yarmouth's Clam Festival Parade every year...it's one of my favorite shows. Madame is so cute in her Nutcracker outfit!! Great inside tip on the cheeks...mum is the word...I promise!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Oh, fun, Dawn! I hope you had lots of leftovers for quick meals with all the other activity. I like the soldier! :-)

Hop over to my blog today if you can. You have inspired me to use up something I have saved for (20 it's a secret) years. I had to save it...it is so unique and cool.