Sunday, December 13, 2009


I thought about it...and thought about it, how can I make wind, ha! Ha! How can I make the weather wind!!! I mean. Peach would most definitely be the color and of course I have only the wide lace, adjustments were made to completely cover the styrofoam in a smooth manner, here is where cheap school glue comes in handy. Anyhow I decided to create a swirly pattern, envision a tornado if you will.

Again, I started with a string of embellishments, it seems to do okay and it's easy. Sometimes I think crafts can be so intricate that it wouldn't hurt to put in a little something that's short but sweet.
These tiny pearls are cute although a little overwhelmed by the head of the straight pins.

And at first, I thought I wouldn't like the fuchsia but in the end it worked really well. Don't they look like sequins in the photo?

I have MANY filigree beads that I can cut in half (made from soft brass) and used them as end caps. Pretty huh?
I actually gasped and jumped a little when I saw those brass beads. Oh, delight! C&G Design


Jean said...

Very pretty.

CC said...

Dawn, you've done it again. This is such a beautiful ornament, and I love the colors you've chosen.. You're such a great designer..

Debbie said...

Beautiful job Dawn!! You always amaze me! I just finished two major xmas crafts that took me about 4 weeks to make...whew! I will take pictures and post after the holiday becasue I can't risk the bearer of these gifts seeing them on my blog!! I am quite proud of them though...can't wait to show you!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Oh, excellent idea! This is why I love coming here, so many ways to use things. Pink is always lovely and how timely that your inspiration came from the wind which was just howling here! Today, more snow.