Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Another raggedy Wednesday! Another doll from Julie.....Dorothy. She is the 5th doll in the seven doll give-a-way. Isn't she a cute raggedy? Just look at her ruby red slippers.
"I wish I were home, I wish I were home, I wish I were home." My home.....
Check Julie out after noontime today to see who won. C&G Design

A few post notes.....I hope the North East will fair pretty well in today's storm, it's hard for me to think back at a sizable storm we had before Christmas. Good luck to everyone!
And as a bummer....I'm needing to place word verification back on since I keep getting hit on the same post sometimes twice a day. I do have comment modification on anything past 7 days old so it's clear it is a machine that forwards these Chinese/Japanese comments, I've been rejecting them but to no avail. I'm hoping the word verification will help discourage that again. C&G Design


Jean said...

she is cute, only needs Toto (is that the right way to spell it?) by her side.

Kathleen said...

One of the cutest dolls I have seen. I am behind again, and have been playing catch up. Wasn't that first storm a surprise? I was, for sure. Now here we are waiting on what a blizzard? They are predicing 8-12 inches for us here at the base of Mt Katahdin. I will be anxious to hear how much snow you get. I love Madame's shoes, and I am thinking mine would look cute like that too. Stay warm and safe during the storm, hugs, Kathleen

Protector of Vintage said...

What a lovely little doll.

We received a heap of snow here. No school today for the kids.