Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pink Saturday Tradition

It's another Pink Saturday theme and this week is all about traditions.
I can't really say that my family has passed on a special, unusual item, duty or saying for the day of Christmas.
I can say however, that as kids we were allowed to open the smallest gift on Christmas eve and that was true year to year.
Having children of my own has made me discover they have many extended family to share, I would have to say our tradition is to spend the weekend before Christmas with my in-laws and Christmas eve with my side of the family. We celebrate Christmas day to ourselves and have for many years, it works well.
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Jean said...

Happy Pink Saturday to all, every where.

Kathy said...

Bet the kids loved that tradition!
Merry Christmas...Kathy

Sarah said...

Nice that you can share the holidays with your extended family but still save Christmas day for your own family in your home. That's a sweet tradition!

Lola said...

Happy Pink Saturday.
I love your traditions. Family is so important.
I'd like to wish you & family a:

May you have a healthy, happy, prosperous one.