Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where in the World is Walda?

I can remember the early 90's (almost like yesterday), remember them? Remember Waldo, the skinny, geeky guy that wore stripes and hide amongst the world of people and you needed to search for him? This is Walda. Walda is the play on word from Waldo, why? Because Walda shows up everywhere, in your grandmother's attic, salvation army and prestigious antique places, you name it. Walda was named by Nurse Edna (doll collector of African Americans) on a EBay forum where the discussion had indicated she is a 70's, 80's doll being passed off as an antique masterpiece. I've even seen her in a reputable antique mall for $165.00, and she was situated behind glass!

This is a ad I lifted off the net but in one of my craft magazines there is a graphic of her with the discounted price. I found it humorous because at the time I had parts of her.... I still have them! Anyway, the site with the ad relays the information about Walda being valued at about the same as she was then, $3.99.

These are the two I have dressed in the brown but I do have other versions in different color dresses with different hair (yarn), But she always has the rendition of the face, hummmmm.....maybe in 100 years she will be worth what everyone thinks she is.
I won't be around, and you? C&G Design


Roses and Lilacs said...

I doubt if Chinese knockoffs will ever be worth much. Collectors can tell quality from mass produced items.

I haven't ever seen a Walda but occasionally I do see a reproduction in antique stores.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Okay, one has to ask, how many dolls DO you have now? :-) I'm finding this fascinating, as usual.

The teardrop trim on the lamp caught my eye, too. I have at least a 1000 yards of it. Must find projects for all in 2010.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Shipping cookies today again.

Jean said...

Worth $3.99 or $$$$$$.$$, I like her. I also like the lamp and so not remember ever seeing it in your house. It has a 70's look also.

Lola said...

She is a cutie. Such an expressive face.