Sunday, December 20, 2009

A New Project

I wanted you all to see what I purchased off EBay a while back, I'm very excited about her, in fact someone up ed my bid at the last moment and I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach. I ended up with her though. She just called to me.

Her arm came detached and so did both feet although the limb have intact composition. I think she is beautiful even though she had no wig.

Her "dress" is actually her slip and it didn't take long to figure what the skirt was made of originally as bits of it was underneath. Someone had tried to repair her and stitched remnants to the body while attaching the top. The skirt is the same fabric as the sleeves, the satin off white fabric. The sleeves need to be replaced as the fabric has deteriorated beyond repair. Luckily I found a off white remnant at Joanne's while buying straight pins for my ornaments. Mysterious ways.....

This is what a stapled wig will do to the composition over time, not good.....

I want to document as much as I can about this lady so I'll have a guide to work by.

From the remains of the hair on top of her head, I can tell she was a blond.

But she has these unusually long brown eyebrows.

More staples, more areas of weakness.

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Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

This project should be interesting!

I cannot believe I haven't visited since Thursday...Love the blue ornament, and my sister in New Orleans was telling me about the mice and off to get the supplies.

(Then, her house flooded again due to rain and a college student that didn't listen, not her own child, thank goodness.)

They may or may not be in my goodies box. We are exchanging cookies from me for candy from her.

Jean said...

I can tell that she was a blond, blue eyed beauty in her day and I know without a doubt that she will be again when you are done with her. I love what is left of her old time attire.

Geez, Nancy, I wish I had a sister, lucky you.