Monday, December 21, 2009

A few repairs

So you can see what I have to work with, I de-attached the slip from the body and examined the trim.

In doing so, I discovered pantaloons stitched to the body. The legs would be the perfect place to start. The fabric is very, very brittle. My first step is to reinforce the feet, it meant using muslin which is what the body is made of.
I hand stitched pouches, attached the feet with the wire that was there before, flipped the muslin up and glued as much of it as I could before stitching the end down. The gluing adds strength, with out it I believe this method would fail rather quickly. I had temporary tape around the shins while the glue dried.

Look at the situation with the upper legs, they had many splits in the lightweight gauze like fabric and the hay was continually falling out. Major help for the fabric was due.

I fitted a white nylon tight around every part of my long legged lady. The top of the legs can be improved by adding more sawdust and stiffening up the joint. Although it's not the originally of the fabric, it is needed and very much durable.

Now, let's shift to the trim, the trim is a lovely antique tatting. I have no idea how to tat so I will try my hand at a close reproduction out of crocheting.

I have lots of supplies, I picked a green color close to the grass green of the trim, the trim has many fade spots and hard to duplicate. I used one teeny, tiny crochet hook to get the trim for the bottom of the skirt.

Ah! Somewhat loose success!

My preparation of re-constructing the pretty doll included a gentle washing of the available clothing. I have decided to leave the top on the doll since it is stitched to her, her chest is under the vest, on top of the dress. I'd be afraid I'd misshape the breast and never get them right again. The intact sleeve is attached to the vest by some kind of repair that was rather quickly put together. I'm doing the same thing except I'll use a hidden stitch.

A gentle soak of the slip and pantaloons had me worried because this is the same material as the legs, not brittle but fragile. The pantaloons won't get clean unless I use a tad of bleach.
I'm considering it. C&G Design


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Dawn I so love to come and see what you are up to. You are making this lady a real lady again. She is so happy to have her feet and legs put back together. Her arms reattached. She is doing the happy dance I am sure. She has been so tired for so long. Look at her little body. I love what you were able to do to her body. I can't wait to see the dress all fixed up and see her face when you are done with it. My gosh she will be beautiful. I just love watching a masterpiece be put together.

Thank you so much for sharing. I sure do love to watch. Have a beautiful day sweetie...
Country hugs, Sherry

Roses and Lilacs said...

You are so patient with these complex repairs.

I hope you and your family have an absolutely wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Jean said...

Dawn, you probably will want to kill me when I tell you this story. But I can tell you I have felt like killing myself over it. When your father and I got married and moved in with Grampie Peter, all of the stuff that had belonged to your father's mother was still in the house. Since she had been dead for over 10 years, it all meant nothing to me so when Grampie Peter told me I was now the lady of the house I should get rid of all her stuff to make room for mine. Well I did just that. She tatted a lot and had stacks and stacks of patterns. Sinful, just sinful. What stupid fools we can be at times.

Lola said...

Beautiful job Dawn. I surely wouldn't have the patience to do all that. I know she will be beautiful when you are through with her.