Monday, August 9, 2010

6 Flags New England

We took a few days off from our regular life to enjoy a mini vacation, it has been 10 years that we have been anywhere, except for Texas on family matters. I was looking forward to this time together but I told my husband, "You plan it." Plan it he did.

The Internet is wonderful, it aided us in finding deals and packages on the best way to go. Our first night was slept in the Hampton Bay, a first class hotel. We found if we stayed here it included two passes to 6 Flags New England which is in Massachusetts and in the long run it was 10 dollars cheaper, we could purchase the two other tickets at a 12 dollar off cost, we also had a true breakfast rather than the continental.

Here is a snapshot of the view from our window, this was taken in the early am hours. I love it when wildlife is mixed with everyday life and this little pond is adorable. Far to the left is a marvelous spraying fountain. The weather was threatening showers all day but we didn't see nair one. The air was humid and hot with overcast clouds. All of us were sunburned by the end of the day.

Six Flags New England was purchased a few years back, before then it was called Riverside park. I'm guessing it's a roller coaster park since it has 7 different ones. Some kid rides and some unique rides but all in all, roller coasters. This one is Cyclone, it's the mid sized coaster, it is also the second wooden one. I actually rode the small wooden roller coaster called the thunderbolt. I did so with my eyes closed.

There were shows for the little one. One of the performances I would of liked to watch was the "junk" band. The members played on items like trashcans and buckets.
These amusement parks, including Disney (I'm told), have what is called a flash pass. It cost money and the different levels cost greater. It's this little contraption you hook on your belt loop and you can reserve a ride. The gadget reminds me of the Tomigatchi pets my kids had to have when they were younger.
Check out Daffy, Bugs Bunny kept hiding.

The platinum level of the flash pass gave you a 10% wait of the normal time waiting for a ride, then it would page you, allowing you to cut the lines. The platinum bracelet meant you could ride the rides twice, back to back by raising your hand. The normal flash pass cut your wait by 75%, paging you when the time was ready. Not knowing how busy it would be, and having driven 5 hours, we bought the platinum but could of got away with the normal pass.
This roller coaster is called the Pandemonium, it was the second roller coaster I rode. The cart rotates while it speeds around the whirls. Yep, on our second trip it blow a fuse just as we were to power up the top of the hill (pictured to the right of the cart), and we were stuck (up there!) for about 20 minutes. My kids were facing down to the ground and we were facing up. Okay......well.....yep......that ended any chance of me riding another coaster for the rest of the day. I don't care for the edge of panic like I, and the rider runners on the ground who were confused as to how to communicate with us.

This is the largest coaster, Bizzaro, Superman's alter ego. It has a story told in the headsets and it rides under walkways, thru mist and over other coasters. It is also my daughters favorite ride.

This one is Batman, it's my son's favorite. If you enlarge the photo you will see my husband in the front, my daughter's face to the right and my son all the way to the right except I didn't get him, I was lucky to photograph what I got! 70 mph and that's pretty good.

This one is the Mind Eraser, it was very quick with short loops. No one seemed to like it, it stopped too sudden.

By 3:00 all the rides were ridden, all the glamor rides that is. We did a few unique rides like this one. It swung slowly then over it went, locking upside down at one point.

My poor son, he had such a hard time fitting in the seats, he's the big guy above. The last time he went on Bizzaro, the techs made a last push of the bar and he was jammed in. I guess they figure a heavier person will snap a lock before a light person would. My son found some of the rides too narrow for his shoulders, also.

"Scream" was the ride that when we were paged, the flash pass kept setting the minutes back. We returned later when it had a smaller waiting line. Enlarging the photo will show you my husband, daughter and son facing the camera, they got that spot on purpose. Least they humored me and my camera.

We were mildly curious above this building, the Opera House. Come to find opened in the dark with a spooky house setting and a short film (no sound) showing Houdini as a young boy. It ended in a room where all the opera seats were to swing while the room turned upside down. It is a trip. My kids were so excited they went on it again by themselves. I reminded them about the "non" glamor rides and how fun it would be to see those on occasion.

There were also water rafting rides I enjoyed and a swim park called Hurricane Harbor. The next time we go we will do the water park. It's to hot to enjoy the entire day without a break.

Six Flags New England also flies the six flags of New England, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
None of us seemed to know the different flags until we looked it up on Wikipedia. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

What fun! So glad you guys got away and enjoyed the park. Roller coasters and all. You are way more game than I. I gave the coasters up a long time ago.

Debbie said...

You are braver than me Dawn! What a nice vacation you all had! For me, it has been probably 20 years since we have had a vacation! Pretty bad huh? Sorry to hear of your anemia??? What's that all about???

Jean said...

Looks like all had a lot of fun. We went to the Six Flags in Louisville 3 years ago but when we were there this spring it was closed. They are going thru restructing or something. I used to love, love, love the rides but gave them up many years ago. Except for a few years ago I went on one at Fun Town just like the one named Scream but I think it had a different name and can't remember the name. You are very brave and if I were betting I would not have bet for you to get on the coasters. Guess I should know better after the day at Revere Beach. Do you remember that? You were quite young and straight out of the hospital in Boston.

Skeeter said...

What a fun vacation for your family! Amusements parks are always a hit with the kids.
The last 6 Flags we attended was in Atlanta. We met my niece there as she was on a trip with her high school band. Now she holds a Masters degree from college and is married. That shows you how long it has been for me at an amusement park.

They do tend to favor Roller coasters at 6-Flags. I like rollercoaster’s but not the wooden ones. They rattle so much that I always get a headache from them. I have sworn off wooden rides but love the newer coasters. Although, getting stuck on one might make me think twice about getting on them again...

We hope to make it to Disney in late November but not sure which park we will attend so not sure if we will do a rollercoaster or not…

tina said...

Mom, The 6 flags went bust down here. Such a sad thing.

Where is 6 Flags New England?

Protector of Vintage said...

Sounds like a fun vacation! We have never been to 6 Flags.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I was hoping you would show some photos of the rides. It's been years since I went. Fun!

Lola said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Glad you had a chance to go.
No way are you gonna get me on one of them rides. Too dizzy now. lol

Jean said...

Tina, Massachusetts.

Nukke said...

It's always nice to see different places and children had certainly fun there !!