Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Flower Friends

I have been visiting some blogs that have postings devoted to just lilies, mostly day lilies. I have just a few but I want more and plan on buying a bunch next spring.

Here are some flower friends that made a showing this year. Some of you have seen a few of these but the last two are new. I found a bright sunny spot for the new ones to flower and, believe me, there is a lot more room out there for more. Hybrid lily from a mixed package,

same package. It's a crap shoot when purchasing the mixed packages of bulbs or rhizomes and I thought these were going to be orange. Surprise!

These one comes every year for the last 7 years and it flowers for weeks.

But this one is in the same area and it flowered this year for the first time.

Gasp! A pink one! I could not remember what lily was where after I planted them last I know where the pink one is!

And this one is new, I think it struggled to flower due to a defect on the petals because I don't believe it's supposed to have the spots.

When I think of my day lilies I fondly remember when my son was 9 years old and paying attention to some things, (while talking about the common orange ones) he said "I don't know why you like those so much they only last a day...."

He did not know what kind of flower they are.

It was funny. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Nancy said...

I love them, too! Just beautiful.

Going to catch up on my reading here. We had a successful yard sale. Both of us are exhausted and sore.

tina said...

Well Babe is a smart one indeed. Your daylilies are really pretty. Those bicolored ones are neat. I also like the spider like one with spots. I have no idea what the spots are but will try to research it.

Kathleen said...

Lillies are one of my favorite groups of flowers. I must say, Stargazer lillies are my favorites!
Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Beautiful Dawn! I wish I had some of those. I have the orange ones. I weeded them out last year, threw one into the blueberry bushes and it came up this year in the middle of that! Really pretty. Sooooooooooooooooooooo??????? When are we going to see the darned reveal of your room?????

Lola said...

Great looking lilies. I have a couple but plan to get some different ones next yr.
BTW I'm with Debbie on that. lol

Protector of Vintage said...

I love lilies. Yours are very pretty!

Dawn said...

Hi guys, Next Sunday will be the big reveal, I have posts set until then. Hope everyone can wait!

Jean said...

They are all very nice but I actually did gasp as soon as I saw the pink one. It is just stunning! Also really like the one below it. Hope Tina finds the reason for it and it can be fixed, if it needs to be. If it does not need a fix, I say leave it alone as it is very nice, even with the spots.

Cute story about the Babe.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You have such pretty lilies. Love them. I think the white one is just stunning.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love that deep red lily and I like the daylilies with two toned petals.