Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's left of my Garden

Even though I'm in the midst of a health issue, I am still going to keep posting on my blog. I may not even mention my health on some days while others, you might get more than enough information than you really need, TMI!
Anyway, I love flowers, these we finally pinched off my begonia and discarded but I JUST had to photograph them first. Well, my garden is still hanging on, we have all but given up on it, allowing things to grow amuck. The zucchini is coming along.

And....and... I thought this was squash but upon closer thinks it's cantaloupe or watermelon, check out the leaf. I have not one.....

but two......

and three.....

finally four! They are all the size of a apple or bigger.
What did my husband plant?!?
And why this year when I gave up on the long season fruit?!?

All of my tomatoes have grown and creased over, it's our fault though, we fertilized too late. They are still bearing fruit although nothing like the normal.

I've never made it to a growth season with peppers either....

but, by goodness! They have done superb this year.

I have already eaten several and the only complaint I had was the first pepper had a thin wall and very little flavor. The rest are yummmy!

I have been having baby onions as they are still growing along with the carrots, which I never did thin. Should have some interesting shapes this year.
So far, one lone pumpkin. I suspect more are hiding.

The potato's are not doing well except the ones in the tipsy buckets. Time will tell on those.
The beans have all been eaten.

Should I even mention my 2 foot high corn?
Ha! We might get some ears for stir fry, you know...the baby corn.
Bring it on my rouge raccoon with taste buds for kernels! C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Debbie said...

Well now! All is not lost in your garden!! Those unknown plants in the beginning I think may be round watermelon! Ask hubby if he planted some? the leaves match...just google round watermelon and you will see. Peppers absolutely LOVE the heat so this was an excellent season for them. Nice job...I wish I had grown some in the garden. I grew them on my deck as an after thought and am not really sure WHAT got mixed with WHAT?? Some of my corn is 2 feet too! I planted it too close together. Also screwed up with the popcorn. I needed to plant a row next to the one row so it could fertilize tasseled but no corn. I am so sorry you have to go through this health scare. Please keep us informed as to what's happening! I told GeeGee about it yesterday and she is going to begin prayers for you today. I'll be calling you soon to check in on you and my prayers are with you each day too. Hang in there my friend.:)

Jean said...

Those begonias blooms are awesome. Why did you pinch them off when they still look so good?

Those leaves do look like a melon of some type and with the time left you will be able to harvest them!!!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The begonias are beautiful. Just perfect. Nice that the peppers are producing so well. Hope you figure out the mystery melon/gourd plant.

tina said...

So sorry about what is going on with you. I hope all is well. You are much too young to have something so serious wrong.

Your garden is looking grand. Not sure on the mystery fruit. I think maybe a squash of some kind but time will tell.