Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Village-Hospital

I'm working on my village at a consistent speed, I know what I'm sewing as a basic plan but I'm adding embellishments as I go. I'm having a grand time brainstorming on each structure. I kinda thought since there is a possibility of making a mat and the mat will be without water, only land, blue would be the perfect color for a hospital. The original drawing called for a plain square building but since my roofing mistake, I changed the plan.

I thought about a emergency entrance and came up with another shape, another way to use color.

This is another building that has writing on it. My dilemma was the writing will have to go on the backside due to the entrance taking up so much space.

This is my idea in my mind, see the yellow door entrance? And my helicopter pad? I thought that was in genius. My hubby told me he wants to see them all stuffed, phooey. I'm still going to be pleased with myself. I hope the village all works together but don't tell him that.

In the long run though, it didn't matter where the entrance was place because there are doors on all four sides of the building.

Imagination at play. C&G Design :)

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

You have a great imagination to see it all in 3D! Looks good.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love the helo pad:) I remember sitting in a hospital room overlooking the pad.

Lola said...

Great fun Dawn. Go for it. Love it.
Wish I had some imagination to put things together like that.

Jean said...

Crafty imagination for sure. Can't wait to see the whole villiage.

Jean said...

Oh darn, forgot again today but I been meaning to ask you if you knew the Roadshow is in Scarborough
now thru Saturday.

Skeeter said...

You are such an artsy gal with your village. If hubby wants them stuffed, let him do it, hee hee...