Monday, September 8, 2008

Chatty Cathy

My Chatty Cathy is in rough shape......those who were little girls and boys in 1959 - 1965 will know what I'm talking about. Chatty Cathy commands high prices and if she speaks!!!!Forget it.
Because my Cathy has the cloth over speaker, and because she isn't marked.....she dates to 1959,it is before the market had Chatty Cathy as a "every kids dream doll".

I can't meet the going prices for a pristine Cathy so when mine came up for auction at $12.00. I jumped on it. Her hair has been trimmed..... I'm not really sure about that.
I can confess, since she was so cheap, we took her apart, (see the gaping seam?) At one point we had her voice working. OH, to hear Chatty Cathy ask to go shopping! So sweet! But, sadly since it is a metal band wound on a protruding like needle, with another needle holding it....we needed to make a better gripping pin(needle)as hers is too worn.

Notice the chubby belly and stout like figure, that is within the year of prototype.

I'd never heard of pinwheel eyes until I read about Chatty Cathy. They are something else and came in green, along with brown. See her freckles!

My Cathy wears a original outfit called "Nursery School". I love the yellow, she needs to find original shoes as Cathy wore slipper like footwear.

Chatty Cathy was issued with two different party dresses, one had a apron, the other a white yoke.
Within the 6 years Chatty Cathy was manufactured, she had a cousin, a baby Cathy and a Singing Cathy added to her family.

Something about her. C & G Design.


tina said...

Now Chatty Cathy is a doll I have actually heard of. Very sweet and glad you got a good deal.

Dawn said...

I have her cousin too, she was one of my first.

Jean said...

She is soooo cute and I love her freckles but I think you need a new addition to your new house so you will have a room for all the dolls!!!

Skeeter said...

My mom has referred to me as Chatty Cathy before! Imagine that... I have heard of her but never seen her before but now I have...

DP Nguyen said...

Aww so cute!!!!