Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Clothscapes-p.8, Embroidery Box

While I'm stitching the peacock cloth scape I thought I'd show you a vital tool I have that is a big help with keeping my thread organized. My box with unchangeable areas, everything contained with a hinged cover.

The little contraption on the edge of the box is a spool winder, it puts the skeins of thread on the plastic bobbins you see in the left sided compartment. You need to be careful while guiding the thread, if you get it in the center of the bobbin it will be too fat to fit.

I have the pencil like snipper in the green color, they also have a cap so I don't stab myself.

There is a pill vial full of blunt needles which are the choice for embroidery.

If you look reeeaally close, my magnifying plastic spy lens is resting on top, behind the snippers, the lens has a plastic wallet cover so it won't scratch.

Those are priceless. C&G Design.


tina said...

I never heard of a spool winder. It looks to be most useful!

Jean said...

Nice container for all the stuff. I used to use the different size plastic container with interchangeable compartments for all different craft items. I would buy them in the fishing tackle stuff as they were cheaper than in the craft or kitchen department.

DP Nguyen said...

That looks like a great kit. Look at all the different colors of thread you get, and it is so organized too.

Dawn said...

Hi guys, I love this box and I'd never heard of a spool winder til I got it, m-i-law gave it to me, all of it is most useful!
I go to the fishing tackle stuff too mom, nicest things for organizing stuff. To bad it has to be like that with crafts.
Hi dp, not this organized since I had kids! But I'm back on my way!