Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yet Another Quilt

Poor Jack of all Trades, he has endured my sewing projects for awhile now, he is very good about it and not really saying much. Good thing on these quilts because I have several undone.
This one stumped me on what color the backing needs to be, tell me what you think.
If you look close you'll see it is machine quilted in a step pattern down along the pink color.

This is classic strip quilting, similar to Madame's leopard quilt only this one has the consistent pattern. Four colors sewed in rows, then cut to length, each square stepped over one than stitched together in rows. It's twin sized and very pretty.
My to make a ten inch ruffle and a pillow slip. Lo and behold! I have the leftover fabric, washed and ready to be worked!
My quilt is Waverly fabric for the print and cotton for the complimentary colors.
This is destine for Esty.

Ummm, Jack of all Trades, might of mentioned a small change at home when I'm obsessed with a certain doll pattern....."What's the body parts all over the place".

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tina said...

I like the blue that is between the pink and green strips. Would that work for a backing?

Dawn said...

Yep, I was leaning toward that color but I wasn't sure, a boy wouldn't have this quilt because of the pink, sooo, girl or guestroom, blue is better for guest.

Jean said...

I gotta be different and say I like the pink. I wonder if you put it up for sale without the backing and let the buyer choose if that would help it sell quicker.
Just a thought. Is that at all possible?

Jean said...
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Skeeter said...

I like the green! But I am partial to green as most of my house has some sort of green. Green represents nature to me... I know Tina wearing green to work for 20 may think differently about green. lol

tina said...

Naw Skeeter, I still love green. Guess what color my bathroon is now that it is done? And a flower stencil too. Poor Rog.

Dawn said...

Ha! You guys picked one of each color! How funny is that? If I were asked I might of said black to match the trim in the waverly!
Mom, Esty has a public alchemy where buyer can post a request for a custom item and the crafters bid on it. Cool huh? I also have a store alchemy for personal request but it's not set up yet. Being close to Christmas, I want this up with it done, I'm smokin' along with the projects so I can make room for more! Sounds like you've been checking around Esty?