Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two More Quilts!

Urggh! Sooner or later I'll have all my crafts in one spot, like a craft room!!!!
I digress,....or,...when I find a project (unfinished, of course), it will have the required tools with it. No such luck. Two more quilts, minus what I need to have with it.

I purchased the basket pieces at a auction.
They sat in a shirt box until I decided what exactly it was.
This is a version on Grandmother's Basket.....but my version.
It's hard to see in the picture, but the finished looking basket in the foreground is pieced. The basket is a big triangle with two smaller triangles on each side. The muslin is 4 pieces, two for the side of the basket, 1 strip below and one square for the top.

You can see the baskets, with the complimentary colors, that are left to piece!

My intention is to applique the handle, and several flowers around it using gathered rick-rack, yo-yo puffs, and embroidery. I've yet to locate them!

Stitching the pieces together is quite easy. (I'll be making new templates for the colored fabric yet to be cut)!

I've got a good eye on my sewing machine, iron, and sleeve where's the thread? Just kidding. This is a beautiful quilt.

I picked these up at a yard sale, I can't remember what I paid for them but it wasn't much.

See the instructions at the top of the picture? Notice the large "R" in the pink palette? This is Artex, paint in a tube. I've misplaced mine......not Artex but paint in a tube.....This quilt is just for fun.

Both are airing out on my deck, storage wreaks havoc. C&G Design.


tina said...

Ah yes, the Artex. I remember that in the 70s. Mom used to do it all the time with some friends. Nostalgia for sure. The quilt looks like an awful lot of work.

Skeeter said...

I have seen a basket quilt before. We may have had one in the old house that maybe a brother ended up with or my mom still has. Not sure, but I know I have seen a basket quilt before....

You actually paint on the quilt pieces? That I have never seen before.... Interesting...

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Yes, remember the great big gold and black zodiac wheel Mom was doing? Wonder what happened to that. The basket quilt sews quite fast but the flowers will take awhile, lucky for me bonding is a beautiful thing. (iron on fabric, two sided)
Skeeter, you've never heard of artex? It looked fun. I have only 64 pieces of the pansy print so I'm making it more of a quilted wall hanging.
Your grandmother must of done a basket quilt seems like she stayed with the popular patterns, that's the thing to do.

tina said...

Where is mom today?

Dawn said...

I think she will get in late and she may not be on because I suspect, she'll be tired.
My father in law went to the hospital today, he's in icu.

tina said...

Sorry to hear about that. Jack is doing okay?

Dawn said...

Seems to be, spent the biggest part of the day with his mom, we are both exhausted.

Jean said...

Ahhhh the Artex!!!! I don't even remember doing the zodiac wheel, but I do still have the santa in the sleigh and all the seperate elves and rdeer. That project was a bugger to do, took forever. I also still have the poinsett ia placemats but all other stuff is gone but don't know where they went.

I am home and am just reading you and Tina for tonight as I am really beat but we had a GREAT time. It will take me forever to get caught up but worth it.

Hope Gene will be okay and I will be thinking about him and Judy and you and Jack of all Trades, for sure. Keep us posted.