Monday, September 1, 2008

Happifats for Happiness

Just about everyone has heard of Kewpie, even your youngest fair goer has likely seen a stuffed Kewpie hanging in one of the game booths, ready for a winner to take it home.

These are Happifats, they entered the market the same time as the Kewpie,and are created by Kate Jordan. Patented in 1914
Happifats are surely named for their big smiles, even bigger tummies, and little movable arms that can barely reach their waist.
"Oh, but what a face!'' Only a mother could love a hair style with one large curl in the front and two swags in the back of a otherwise bald head. A hint of eyelashes but no eyebrows, and a puckered, molded mouth in such a way to indicate a overbite. Brings a giggle to your heart.
The girl is dressed in pink with a blue sash and shoes. The boy usually dressed in brown trousers and a hunter green jacket. The dolls were made in both Germany and Japan with the German-made being of better quality. Japanese dolls are marked "NiPPON"

Happifats have been known to adorn a children's teapot, creamer, sugar, and cups with lunch plates. Keep looking for these creatures, they bring jolly, happy, fun.

First 4 drawings are a part of 6 postcards, extremely rare. C&G Design.


tina said...

Very interesting and very happy too! Great info! You need to come visit down south so you can go see some of the neat stuff they have down here. You can tell me all about it in person.

Dawn said...

I know I read the comment about the flea mkt with the dolls, save my money first! Such a sap for a cheap, project.....purchase.

Jean said...

A giggle for the heart. Cute!! And so true of these little cuties.

lola said...

They sure are cuties. Don't think I've seen them before.Don't remember {senior moment}.