Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Word about Wrought Iron

I've been on a wrought iron kick lately. I like the way the iron feels, weighs and looks, but I did not know anything about it.

I always thought the word "wrought" was the kind of iron, in other words, what it is composed of. Nope, it means "working" and I believe it was assigned by the Britain.

Wrought iron is no longer made commercially due in part because of the process it goes through. My understanding of it is, wrought iron needs the correct amount of carbon and oxygen to have the strength it needs to stand up for beds, handrails, shelving, etc. I'm not clear about there being too many fine Forgeries around anymore, some iron smiths left today, even horseshoes are manufactured.
There are many processes of making wrought iron through the centuries but I've chose to talk about the two most popular ones.
PUDDLING-which was the method used during the industrial revolution, it dealt with melting contained over a reverbertory furnace. The melting is stirred with rods that dissolve within the iron. This gives it the correct amount of oxygen and carbon.
OSMOND-A open hearth, narrow and deep, with charcoal fire blown with bellows. The iron drops through the blast and is lifted into the fire with rods spinning rapidly to form balls.
Today we smelt iron or steel, that's a process where it's cooled just before reaching melting temperature, cooled to form a spongy matter that is hard and able to recycle.
Both above mentioned methods are obsolete in today's market.
Out of all the steel and iron in the world, wrought iron has the least carbon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon. Wrought iron becomes soft and is forged easily when placed in red heat.

Truly pathetic my dog has his own bed with mats. C & G Design.


tina said...

It is SO NOT pathetic Tartarus has his own bed. He looks ever so happy close to his family there. And no wonder wrought iron is so expensive!

Jean said...

I have always loved the wrought iron but never thought about the name or how it was made so this was very interesting to me.

Dawn said...

I was surprised to find out about it, and he is a pretty happy dog.
Hi mom, caught you on the preview. It was interesting reading about it, to bad it wasn't made in large amounts anymore. Highly sought after by everyone.

DP Nguyen said...

Very cool shelves, and I love the dog bed. How cute, he looks so content!

Dawn said...

Hi guys, The shelves are nice dp. I have them in my bathroom and my dog is spoiled!

Susan Hickam said...

Very interesting about the wrought iron. You are lucky dog(and owner) I am afraid I really spoil my babies and let them all sleep with me.

lola said...

Hi Dawn,
I love wrought iron--theres just something about it that says "home". But I didn't know how it was made. Thanks.
Baby sure looks contented.