Monday, August 11, 2008


This is the only older Ken in my collection and unless I find a first edition, it will stay the only one. He is Malibu Ken from 1971.
I purchased him in a 70's Barbie case that also had Francine in it,and several early clothes.
Ken's leg was detached and has been repaired, I was alittle nervous about undressing Ken because all his movable limbs were stuck, sometimes as doll collectors we forget to move body parts so they won't stick over time. They all came out okay.
He has bright blue eyes, and perfect extremities, sometimes with older played with dolls you find a child has chewed the feet or hands.
Kens outfit is listed in one of my books as a hard to find clothing, it is marked Ken on the jacket, and I have the matching shoes. The pants and jacket seem to be made of tweed but his turtleneck is made of polyester. I washed this outfit before I knew it was valved at a approximatly $45.00.
I'm not real sure which way these pants are to be worn, the only seams on the trousers are where this zipper is.....continuing around to the behind, and down the insides of the legs. It has darts at the hips. I find my quandary funny, I can't figure it out.
So he wears them the conventional way. C&G Design.


tina said...

He is so handsome! Those pants look fine.

Dawn said...

I've got to display him with a nicely dressed Barbie.

DP Nguyen said...

What a handsome looking Ken. So vintage. I loved barbie and ken and was so sad when they officially broke up.

Jean said...

He really is great!!

Skeeter said...

Cool Ken! I am not sure on the pants either.

Dawn said...

I don't think the early barbie clothes designers thought the backwards pants (at the time backwards on Barbie, and still some today) as a detail for Ken. Too funny.

Dawn said...

Oh, great to see ya back, mom