Sunday, August 3, 2008

Deco Darlings

I needle pointed these ladies eons ago. It's a perfect project that uses many extras. My inspiration for these art deco are the frames.
I saw these kits in a sales magazine for needle pointing, the name escapes me now. Anyhow, I reproduced my rendition on a small piece of needlepoint material and with whatever thread I had. Most visitors to my house like the first picture.

I don't really have a taste for art deco but I must admit, there is something to it. I can not see myself with sleek pipes for furnishings and or....anymore abstract pictures on the wall. I'll stick with these.

They are small. C & G Design.


tina said...

These were in the upstairs living room weren't they? I like the feather add in. I'm not much for art deco either, I am more the country kitcshy type.:)

Dawn said...

They are in the bedroom, both sides of the bed, over the lamps. I'm still working on the house picture but almost done.

Skeeter said...

Cute stuff and the feather is a nice touch!

The Saints sister is now dating an Abstract Artist. Upon our first meeting him, he gave us one of his pieces of art work (print) as a thank you for Mark repairing his computer! Arggg, we are so not into abstract but I found it blended in with the living room decor. He sent us another piece of his art since then. It is in the closet and will only come out if he should visit us. I’m so bad…. I pray he does not give us more work in the future!

Dawn said...

Too funny Skeeter, I can only take abstract in small doses too. I'd spend way to much time on trying to figure it out!

Jean said...

Dawn, you and your being able to do stuff without a pattern. Cripes!! I have big time troubles WITH a pattern.

I agree with all that has been said, esp the feather. To me, the feather makes it look like it would fit into something you are not really crazy about to start with.

Funny Skeeter.