Thursday, August 7, 2008

Friendship Quilts

How wonderful to have a piece of ancient Americana, the quilts of early time truly demonstrate where the country was at the time the artful blankets were made. I want to portray this particular friendship quilt because I think it is spectacular.

The pattern is included above, enlarge by clicking on each one then right click to print, or add to favorites, then print.

The pattern of friendship quilts vary from region to region, this one is from New England. This quilt always had the names, sometimes the date and a heartfelt saying.

It's a project without the boundaries of a formal pattern, it can be appliqued, simple blocks, or each person can do a individual square to be assembled later. Generally unless it is a mother making for a daughter/son, one person is elected to do the writing. One with the best penmanship. Whatever the tangible is becomes a reminder of time, memories and family.

This pink pattern is called, Chimney Sweep, and because it is autographed it's referred to as Chimney Sweep Album Quilt. Finished size of this example is 87 3/4'' x 99''. The main portion is arranged in 8 vertical rows with 7 blocks in each row. The quilt also has a drop down of 2 block by 4 section to fit around the bedpost. Each block is separated by muslin sashing.

I wouldn't complete this post without crediting the book I got this quilt from; Better Homes and Garden, Traditional American Crafts, published 1988, fourth edition in 1991.

Fabulous Book! C & G Design.


tina said...

So someone writes on the quilt? What will they write?

Mom-How are you?

Dawn said...

Anything they want to the person the quilt is made for.

Skeeter said...

Yet another beautiful quilt! It amazes how many different types of quilts there are...

DP Nguyen said...

Quilts are so nice. I love that pattern, and the siamesse cat on the bed is too cute.