Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Kiss

Remember "The Thinker''? I do, we always had a chance in school to see this historic figure, be it in social studies, history or English. Just seemed "The Thinker" was always there.
Few people know where "The Thinker" and other common statues originate from. "The Thinker" and my little statue came from "The Gates of Hell" by Auguste Rodin, french sculptor, 1840 - 1917.
"The Thinker'' is at the top of the gates looking down. Mr. Rodin's ensemble was commissioned by the Directorate of Fine Arts in 1880 meant to be delivered in 1885, Rodin worked at this commission on and off for 37 years, up until his death. Before Rodin's death he donated drawings, sculptures and reproduction rights to the French Government.
The Decorative Museum Arts was never built, the first floor of the Hotel Biron was the work site of "The Gates'', in 1919, two years after Rodin's death, the hotel Biron became the Musee Rodin housing a cast of "The gates of Hell" and related works. "The Kiss" is in the gate doors amongst the other suffering beings.
The Gates of Hell'' has 108 figures.
Auguste Rodin was the most important contributor to the 19th century, he made the way in a change of extreme realism and long domination of greek influences. His inspiration came from Gothic art, dance, works of Dante, Donatello, and Michelangelo.
Second in popularity to the "The Thinker", "The Kiss", although being part of "The Gates of Hell'', Rodin felt these figures didn't fit and individualized them separately. The sculpture has amazing highlights and shadows that creates an illusion of actuality.

Thank goodness mine is less graphic that some others repos, thank goodness.

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tina said...

I have one similar. You have some cool artwork. What is your niche? Greek? Revival? Art Deco? Country? Retro? Just wondering what is your favorite type? The gates of hell look like goth. I think the kiss is more romantic.

Dawn said...

I would love to have some rennisence(sp), the kind with madonnas and toddler but romance is close. Both Jack of all trades and myself agree on the romance but his tops is scifi, with warriors, half beings, etc. and I do like that because the vivid colors. Probaby that's why monet, van gogh, etc. Are my tops, the colors.

Skeeter said...

The Thinker. Thats the Saint on the toilet.. sorry but that just popped into my head. Nothing is scared in this house... Cats open the doors ya know.... lol....

I love statues in gardens like Greek Gods watching over the flowers...

Dawn said...

Skeeter, you are too funny, perhaps that was the inspiration for the thinker, all guys.
Women are too glorious in artwork, always, unless the artist has something against females. Thank god that kind of artwork doesn't last long.