Monday, August 4, 2008

Clothscapes-part 3, wool

I'm working ever so diligently on the clothscapes, I'm changing my mind about how to do this sampler, I can only think it might be better to stitch every picture aside of each one and forget the stripping in between. Just a thought......

I wanted to say something about the yarn that is used in making these beautiful pictures. It wasn't until I took a design course that I discovered the difference in the wool that is used in crewel, needlepoint and even knitting. I acquired a list of manufacturing companies that supplied free material on how their product was labeled, used and made. Today, I'm going to talk about the labeling, I found it very interesting and I never knew.

Virgin wool-It's the wool fresh of the processing, thus the virgin!

Pure Laine wool-yarn that has been used once, like in a blanket. The first work is taken apart, the yarn in wrapped on stretchers and soaked in water (maybe some glycerin). Once the wool dries it's packaged for sales.

Shoddy wool-Wool that is what it sounds like, it's been used more than once.

I've made and purchased alot of sweaters in Laine wool, I thought this was high quality, obviously it's Virgin that is the better product. Prices go accordingly.

Now you know. C & G Design.


tina said...

I never knew this with yarn. Cool holder for the yarn too.

Skeeter said...

I have never worked with wool but it makes sense there are different types...
Yep, I like the nifty wool holder!

Dawn said...

I was going to stay something about that as another tool, soooo helpful. Madam wants one but I think it was a special offer from better homes and garden. (Gotta love that magazine!)
I also gotta watch the little words in the post! in for is, you for your! arghhh

DP Nguyen said...

Wow, that is really cool. Wool does look a lot like yarn, doesn't it?