Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bully in the sink

What do you do when a house cat surprises you at every turn? This is how I feel about our Maine Coon Cat we lovingly call Wooley Bully. The wool speaks for itself.

I tell ya....Wooly is no Bully, he is the most mellow cat I've ever had the pleasure to be around. He was given to us little over a year ago (original name Dakota), he rides well in a car, almost never hisses and won't even think of scratching any thing. We recently started to let him outside and he is so ridicous attempting to catch a bird....ever see a giant cat jump through the air crossing his paws in midstream and the bird is 6 feet away? Unworried at that! I'd be shocked if he caught a cold!

I think he's alittle big for his recently discovered cool bed, tempatures are warm right now, I thought I was seeing things when I got up in the middle of the night.

I'm told.....he was taken from his mother when he was 7 days old and when we first got him he didn't spent alot of time grooming himself, he had several bad mats. He's learned a trick or two from our other cat (Sophia), she's taught him well, only what she wants him to know.

Such a pretty boy......maybe he should be called Kodiak for the bear? NA!

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tina said...

He would scare me half to death being in my sink in the middle of the night!

Dawn said...

Made me look twice!

DP Nguyen said...

Aww, he is soo cute. LoL. That's funny that he likes to sleep in the sink. Luka has discovered she likes toilet water. She'll jump up on the toilet and try to drink the water. I try to discourage it, but she's a cat and they will do what they want to do, right? lol. :-) So cute.

Skeeter said...

Too funny! My Sheba has a fascination with the water faucet. The Saint has taught her how to drink from the dripping faucet! She will jump up on the vanity and stare at the water until you turn it on for her! She drives us crazy doing that. Some times she just wants to watch the water and some times she just wants to see if we will turn it on for her! She is a mess. She is black such as your Wooly Bully so this picture looks just like her! Too funny.... My kitties are not allowed up on the counter tops and such but we do allow them on the bathroom vanities… She has been known to jump on the vanity and stare at our guest when they are using the bathroom. I call her the Bathroom Entertainment! lol

I don’t like to clean toilets so I keep those bleach things in the tank. Saint hates it as the guts have to be replaced from corrosion but it keeps the bowls clean! Since we have bleach in the water, we cannot allow our kitties to stick face in bowl so we keep the lids closed. We must watch it when we have company as they don’t always close the lid and cats are quick to spot something out of the ordinary!

Dawn said...

Hi Guys,
Yes, he's a funny cat, I never know what he's going to do, only time he hissed is when we caught him sneaking out. That's why we let him out, much, much happier.
I had a stray (true scrapper) she drank from the toilet, mainly because she didn't see water that well, after so long outside and used to dark puddles, she'd step in the bowl and tap her paw to ripple the water before drinking. We got used to closing the lid and now we also have the bleach things, smells like a commercial bathroom, sooo I got the roller scented ones too, made me nuts, they do work.
Skeeter, the cats are allowed on the bathroom vainty because their bowl of food is there, have to keep it from Tartarus, he'll munch it all down before you can speak to him. On the washing machine when we lived in the trailer, gosh! The things we do for our beloved pets! Too funny about Sheeba! If she was a guy...she'd be a peeking Tom!

Skeeter said...

Sheba is the one we call the Clown Cat. She keeps us laughing all the time! She is such a little mess... I have other friends in the Pet People Blog in the home newspaper that keep cats food bowls up on counters due to dogs also. The cats do pretty much rule the house around here. We are such suckers where our fur babies are concerned....