Sunday, August 17, 2008


Time to do a post on my dollhouse even though I've done nothing to it since I last wrote about it.

I thought I'd show some items as they can only be photographed individually because they are so small.

Today, it's a couple of rugs.

This cute little braided rug was made by me. I found it's a great way of getting rid of all the extra hem bindings you have hanging around and it's quicker than making a real room size rug, just as nice.
The next rug is a plastic doily, what's good about it is you can weave ribbon in and out it's holes and it's temporary, easy to change with the decor of any room.
Plus, it makes a perfect pet pad. Tee hee. C&G Design


Skeeter said...

My little metal doll house had rugs painted onto the floor so I did not have any real rugs.

I like the idea of making your own rugs with left-over’s! A great way to utilize every piece of material.

When I first saw the little rug, I thought it was a pot holder that we use to make as children with the loom & weave kits... lol...

tina said...

Those rugs are cool. Skeeter, I remember those looms. Dawn and I had one. That would make a perfect rug too! I'd like a nice wool braided rug here. Remember Nana's? Mom, whatever happened to that rug?

Jean said...

Very neat Dawn.

Tina I don't know what happened to Nana's long and narrow rug that was in the hallway but the big one that was in the dinning room came here but was fairly old and had some wear and after a few years of being here it went to the dump. When they sold the house and got rid of a lotta stuff I had some of the wool and Dawn had some. Think I finally gave what I had to Dawn but not sure. She was always going to woolen mills and buying, buying, buying. The huge box full that I had was even all cut into strips, ready to go. I still have some of the funnels to put on the strips when braiding, among other tools. Probably should give em to Dawn.

Dawn said...

I think Bear ended up with it asa bed. My son and I did a few of those pot holders with beads, of all things! Madam has the kit now, she makes hairbands out of them. lol

Jean said...

LOL I think Madam P has a better idea for beads!!!

Lola said...

I love those little rugs Dawn. Wow, you sure are talented. They could be sold as doll house accessories. A little girl would go crazy over them.

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Yes mom, madam has plans for the beads, who would of thought, weaving loops for hairbands, both the one around the head, and the tiebacks!
Hi Lola, I sure would like to hook up with a mini dealer, those small things are expensive. Thank-you for the compliment.