Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There is no more wondering if we will have a white Christmas, December 22 (first day of winter) brought a typical Nor'easter. It dumped a foot of snow on us, we already had at least 5 inches from the other two storms, Dec. 19th and Dec 17th, every other day....... Ugh, I sometimes wonder why I found the deck to be a wonderful addition, this was one of those times. Today the clearing fell to me to do as my 15 year old is at a friends house. Notice all the post have piles of snow on top of them, this is natural as you can see no footprints on the deck yet.
I think it has to do with the angle of my deck, it is farther out beyond the back of the house so when the wind whips it forms these little castles, my own Stonehenge.

Double ugh.....my balcony of my bedroom.

And I'm not traveling for awhile.....

My lower roof, easy to see the amount as the edge of the snow fall came out perfect.

Ahhh, a spring sight. Can't come soon enough. C&G Design.


tina said...

Good thing you are not traveling for a while.

tina said...

I remember these days and do hope you get it all cleaned off! That amount of snow cannot be good for the deck. Cold here and a bit of freezing rain, but no big deal. No White Christmas here. That's fine by me!

Jean said...

Snow everywhere! This was one storm that I think we got as much as you did. Not too far from you, they got 42 inches!! It even made the national news. But by golly, the kids and Terri-Lynn all went to town yesterday. David has gone to Portland today as Tom has a fitting for his new wheelchair and then in Gray to get his tiedown in the van for his wheelchair fixed. They had to order a part and it came in over a week ago but had to cancel during the stom before this one.

lola said...

Goodness Dawn, it sure looks pretty but I know it's a mess. That amount can sure put a halt to things.