Thursday, December 18, 2008

Felt Ornament-Mrs Claus

So I relent and make Mrs Claus, I'm glad I did. However, that only means my set will be larger than usual. That's okay, I thought I was making these for Etsy but it's too late in the season for that, I have plenty of time to get these done before next year. Sigh. She was much easier than Santa, and much shorter than he. Her hair is yarn, a different embellishment from the others.
She's cute and I don't mind so much....them being blue.

They are having a midnight snack! C&G Design.


tina said...

I think the blue is most charming.

I finally watched Survivor. It was really good. I guess we did not see everything as I surely thought Sugar would at least come close. She made so many mad but the edit did not show that. Good for Bob! That Korinne was evil.

lola said...

Aawww, Mrs Claus is so cute in her blue dress. I'm sure she made the cookies for her & Mr Claus.

Jean said...

Very cute Dawn.

Yup, the bow tie wearing, school teacher, lobsterman from Maine took the top dog. Not too bad!! He was also the oldest Survivor winner. One of the teachers at the school where he teaches said maybe now he will get his lobster boat repaired and not haul his traps out of a canoe. Can you imagine setting and hauling lobster traps out of a canoe? He must not have a very long string of traps at a time. Growing up my favorite vessel to be in was a canoe but I don't even wanna be in a canoe on the ocean, let alone haul traps.

Skeeter said...

All the felt ornaments are just adorable! And the Ann material is great, maybe a baby pillow... hummmm

Dawn said...

Thanks guys, I went to the school concert today, rush, rush, rush. All kids had secret santa too. Whew! Home for the night.
I'm glad Bob won, I thought he was a goner several times. He is a neat person and also won the fan favorite. I think he'll use the money wisely. I know he has talked with the students using the physics (sp) of some of the challenges he was involved in. ie: target pitching from a higher elevation. Smart man, but I knew that. Chance tie with Matty + he remembers it could of been very different.
I like the blue better and I'm getting use to the Cardnial.
Skeeter, that's a good idea, I'll have to do that with one of them, bibs too!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

I love your Mrs Claus. She's cute and looks good in blue.