Monday, December 8, 2008

A & H Gigi

I became aware that HP stood for hard plastic in the doll world, a number of years ago. Sometimes you'll find HP for a mark followed by a mold number, then perhaps a representation like a turtle, a flower or a diamond.
My sweet faced girl is marked "A & H Doll" and under that...1981.
I had no idea what A&H stood for and I still don't even after researching the mark, I figured the H stood for hard as her arms are tough, A (arms?) & H (hard?). A & H is a doll company, they made a fifties version of my doll called "Gigi" and she was a walker, although Wikipedia indicated some were not walkers. Gigi started as a hard plastic doll and many collectors remember her as "Neither Ginger or Pam". Gigi was a remarkable look alike for both. Since the fifties Gigi has gone through 4 or 5 other forms. Which brings me to my point, I'm glad mine is marked A&H otherwise I wouldn't of known even though her face called to me.
You can see the many layers my dolls dress has, it is surely a beautiful example of a period dress. A&H also made a series called "Dolls of Destiny" which are considered "historical dolls" and mine maybe one of many in the group, a group including male figures.
Gigi has a roundish head with roundish eyes displaying a soft appearance with a pouting mouth.

Can you believe I found her thrift store on the toy shelf while new porcelain dolls were in cased under a showcase?
Sooner or later the store is going to catch on to me. C&G Design.


tina said...

Maybe sooner than later! Better go get them all:)

Jean said...

Another good find. She is a beauty! I love the hat.