Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Felt Ornaments-Santa

I may of made a huge mistake with this one, I was planning color and I changed the traditional Santa to the jolly ole' blue guy. The theory was to "make him look as if he was wearing pajamas". I want a cardinal really bad, I figured, too much red in the set and the pj's would look okay. Well, hubby and madame have politely said.....need to be red.
So plan B. Plan B includes Mrs. Claus in a matching outfit, perhaps that will soften the effects of red to blue.

'Cept the cardinal was to be my 6th ornament. All my sets are based on 6 apiece. Maybe I can rethink......Ay, Iy, Iy.

He hasn't lost a thing especially eating a cookie. C&G Design.


lola said...

I think he looks adorable in his "jammies". I like blue. One Christmas everything was blue. All decorations, all accessories, everything. Was real nice for a change.

Jean said...

I also like him in the blue but I also like the red so I can't make up my mind. How bout a dark red for Santa and then the bright red for the birdie?

I am late today as I took TS to the dentist and shopping. This would be the MDA meeting night but they have called them all off till spring due to folks going south for the winter. Too bad, I think, as there is only 1 regular that goes south. Oh well, March will be here before we know it.

Cinj said...

What a cute ornament. I've been making lots of blue stuff lately too. I think it adds a nice touch.

tina said...

Looks like jammies to me!